Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work
Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work! Today we’re trying out some diy life hacks! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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  • Sherri Hughes
    Sherri Hughes

    Girl you know better

  • White Fang
    White Fang

    GIVE ME IT!!!!

  • K Mill
    K Mill

    Sssniperwolf, who is your camera lady?? I’ve been dying to know.

  • Leisha Uidam
    Leisha Uidam

    She knows how to make a braide but she doesn’t know how to make a bun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • the secret _wish
    the secret _wish


  • Saturn Five
    Saturn Five

    Taste like

  • Brandon Seenaught
    Brandon Seenaught

    Yep I like it

  • DrCrySimpus


  • Markus Sillavere
    Markus Sillavere

    u lok whit yor glasses on realy biutivol

  • Holly E-w
    Holly E-w

    Do you know what would be quicker than making your own fresh apple juice .... Driving to the grocery store and buying Apple juice

  • elilyxbrauss

    Filipino English Math Science Ap Esp Tle Mapeh

  • Patricia Alcantara
    Patricia Alcantara

    My mom likes the drink sooooo

  • Tana Kulit
    Tana Kulit

    i love how lia say is that a marshmallow ehh it was so funny and cute lol 😂

  • Daniel Briceno
    Daniel Briceno


  • Jae likes Frogs
    Jae likes Frogs

    right when i saw her lick the ice cream in the car i thought of boku no pico- i need help...

  • Dan E
    Dan E

    Is anyone else upset that Lia has a McDonald’s whose ice cream machine works?

  • Ryan Wait
    Ryan Wait

    When you did the first hair hack you look like someone from Japan

  • Luca lover and owl house lover
    Luca lover and owl house lover

    The marshmallow thing I did with my grandma and it was yum!

  • Brayden Sim
    Brayden Sim

    I did the ketchup one at school and I go crazy over the 12s (highest number)

  • Fox TheGalaxyGamer
    Fox TheGalaxyGamer

    4:46 she look like she french or sum not gonna lie

  • alexa

    I love your vids😁😁

  • alexa

    OMG 👁️👄👁️ you are so cool😎😎😎

  • Snowie-chan

    Fun fact - *she forgot that the marshmallow would melt after getting bigger*

  • Sterling Sapp
    Sterling Sapp

    I mean style

  • Sterling Sapp
    Sterling Sapp

    You look pretty in every hair sty6

  • Stupid bros
    Stupid bros

    I hate the intro jk

  • Elizabeth Adams
    Elizabeth Adams

    i like the hair hack it was cute

  • Ayyan Sohail
    Ayyan Sohail

    During exams I am watching sniper wolf

  • Sabina Kurtz
    Sabina Kurtz

    Hair hacks

  • Abby Pilz
    Abby Pilz

    How to look strong: Freeze an apple let it defrost Sqeaze the apple 🍏😏

  • Danielle Samuelson
    Danielle Samuelson

    School science project 2021 7:12

  • Rylee B
    Rylee B

    It’s crazy how we did not know these things already lol

  • Sheena Wood
    Sheena Wood

    The fact that no one is talking about how she ate with a knife-😂🤫🥴

  • lenawinn

    sssniperwolf: I guess I know hat I look like with short hair. Me: whaaat, you said you had short hair like, 5 seconds ago!.

  • ED Iphish
    ED Iphish

    Its a production number...It has nothing to do with the flavor....LOL!

  • Rudaina 💜
    Rudaina 💜

    8:06 Yes way!

  • Bryan T
    Bryan T


  • Jikook3 Shipper
    Jikook3 Shipper

    Her reaction to the marshmallow was so cuteee ahhaahhaah

  • Mark Yang
    Mark Yang

    mine got big as a ball!

  • Mohammed Muwafi😱
    Mohammed Muwafi😱

    For the apple Juice hack just get freeze it defrost it then just use a juicer

  • Michael Lauzon
    Michael Lauzon

    Mmmmmm taste like an airplaine

  • Gacha moon wolf🐺
    Gacha moon wolf🐺

    My dog is sitting beside me snoring it’s 1 am and I’m love ur videos

  • Alexei Mendieta
    Alexei Mendieta

    I don't Like your hair but love your Video

  • Acid_Elf

    She say her hair to short mine go only to my shoulders so I can kizz that hack goodbye

  • Wolfie Shall play
    Wolfie Shall play

    My dog started barking when u slammed the apple on the table 😂 😭

  • Veronica Carrillo
    Veronica Carrillo

    That sound more like whitty

  • Lightning Strike Woodworking
    Lightning Strike Woodworking

    Maybe you don't like nuts and coke because you don't like coke

  • XXxTropicalxLavenderxXX

    When there is no audio on a video can’t you just do a voice over?

  • Katalin Kozma
    Katalin Kozma

    When i was little i took the marshmello and out of curiosity i put them in the microwave,took them out and eat it whit a spoon

  • DinoSour

    Not the coke being allergic to peanuts ✋🙄

  • ♥️Jorgia♥️

    Omg in tears and could not breathe when she said “is that a marshmallow” thank u for making my day better ♥️♥️😂😂 love u

  • DatCake

    I have the same washer and dryer😳

  • Demon Slayers
    Demon Slayers

    I’m pretty sure for the braid one you are supposed to split your pigtails into only two sections and then the other thing will be the third section of hair then you braid all of the parts

  • Cooxy lover
    Cooxy lover

    I love it how she 's use what ever she got like Dam

  • | • S Q U I R R E L • |
    | • S Q U I R R E L • |

    vegen teacher: wat, wat da f**k

  • The twins Kenny saala
    The twins Kenny saala

    This video is the best you are so amazing please shot me out 👍

  • ello

    Are we going to ignore the fact she found a Macdonald's with a working ice cream machine

  • Mikayla Page
    Mikayla Page

    I love lia soooooooo much😘😘who loves her too? 👇👇

  • Tan Noelle
    Tan Noelle

    ... coke and ice cream is POISONOUS

  • KeandreXkenshin

    And I’m getting up

  • Blossomplayz

    With the making apple juice I did it so basically in the evening freeze it over night, take it out then wait four hours I had it and it wasn’t too bad

  • linda rorrer
    linda rorrer

    The way you just shut the microwave

  • nikolle burgess
    nikolle burgess

    Is that a marshmallow was the cutest voice ever

  • REAL_HAKK on Insta got my account back
    REAL_HAKK on Insta got my account back

    👆👆👆Saying "thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude to you. It's my honor to work under your guidance. Thank you for the pass you sent to me for the account I came for

  • REAL_HAKK on Insta got my account back
    REAL_HAKK on Insta got my account back

    👆👆👆Saying "thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude to you. It's my honor to work under your guidance. Thank you for the pass you sent to me for the account I came for

  • MobileGames


  • Kinsley Bailey
    Kinsley Bailey


    • MobileGames


  • Cordelia Morton
    Cordelia Morton

    corona beer😱 lol

  • Pie A Person
    Pie A Person

    I made a comment 2 weeks ago

  • Swim Jane Swim - JCS inspired
    Swim Jane Swim - JCS inspired

    If SSSniperWolf had her own Netflix series, it would be insane

  • ShaneTweezy

    I never realized how weird of a side profile you have

  • Farrah the amazing person
    Farrah the amazing person

    I tried the marshmallow one and all mine did was melt It did get a little bigger tho 🤣

  • Sara Ross
    Sara Ross

    I’m a big fan of you bye-bye

  • Dominic Sweeney
    Dominic Sweeney

    0:56 HeNk get me the sweet and sour sauce HaNk get me the sweet and sour sauce not BBQ HaNk!!!

  • ximena galindo
    ximena galindo

    no entendi pero es mariale o quien es

  • Gabe Reacts
    Gabe Reacts

    How do ketchup packs have numbers when I haven’t seen a number in each one I get?🤣

  • R k
    R k

    The braided one looked cute I loved that one

  • S B
    S B

    Hold up I thought there was no audio in the McFlurry one

  • Sarah McCord
    Sarah McCord

    Salty Peanuts with Coke. Ya can't just pick ANY nut :)

  • Team Paa
    Team Paa

    The camera woman is smexy ngl

  • Elizabeth Sylvan
    Elizabeth Sylvan

    I've been doing that apple hack since 2008. I'm surprised they just found this out now lol

  • Amanda Conken
    Amanda Conken

    Man I am jelly you get to have peanuts my little brother is deathly allergic to them

  • Jhamie Krizelle De Guzman
    Jhamie Krizelle De Guzman

    i just realize u look like taylor swift :]

  • thunderbolt

    do you have a BUGATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE INSANE

  • Roz Mayo
    Roz Mayo

    Again how does she no what diet nut taste like

  • Roz Mayo
    Roz Mayo

    How dose she now what a airplane taste like

  • Kumiko DeLaCruz
    Kumiko DeLaCruz

    Lia:mmmm nuts my mind:DEEZ NUTZ

  • Alec lun
    Alec lun

    I tried the drink bottle when you get a class cup and rub I did it and then hit it cause i thought thats what your supposed to do and then the glass bottle bit broke at where the lid goes .,.

  • mango_senpai

    The vegan teacher watching this be like: ice cream is not vegan you get a x 🍦🚫

  • Jinchuuriki

    Lia random thing would you play phasmophobia pleas???

  • Maryanne Gaming
    Maryanne Gaming

    Are you telling me yal havent been. Microwaving marshmallows since age 8 ?(it tastes like lucky charms so we tried selling it but people didnt like lucky charms (

  • Dog shorts
    Dog shorts


  • David Leslie
    David Leslie

    lia i did not know how strong you were to squeeze an apple that hard the juice falls on the cup and that face

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    I am in love with her food hacks😍

  • Nevaeh Wansa
    Nevaeh Wansa

    my cusin noze the soda bulb but it is different

  • Aizen Josh Macaraeg
    Aizen Josh Macaraeg

    So that why when I drink the ketchup bc no more fries and it was 6

  • CJistgename

    Where that McDonald’s at that ice cream machine still work?

  • Janice Ensley
    Janice Ensley

    yo sniper wolf i tried the marshmelo hack it WORKS (sorry if i cant spel good im 8 so ya but i dont care)

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Who else keeps mixing corn starch and water?

  • McKenzie Miguel
    McKenzie Miguel


  • Gengxin lin
    Gengxin lin

    I love this video. 🥰