Tik Toks That Live RENT FREE In My Head
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  • •ℓαиα..ιѕ.иσт_fσυи∂•

    @8:36 "cAn I gO oN tHe SwInG?" "no." "wHaHa"

  • Gaming Squad
    Gaming Squad

    whenever he said alexa whats my location my alexa answered😂😂🤣😂😂

  • Esther Grace Lozada
    Esther Grace Lozada

    Sssniperwolf:so don’t open an umbrella indoors or a car Me:oh ok I’m gonna try it at McDonald’s then

  • Sky1423

    the ahhhhhhhh mE is dead

  • V Vids
    V Vids

    Ok i am one of these big toungers so i can answer your questions, we don’t really bite them we talk and sometimes we do mess up

  • Cheyenne Kaisa
    Cheyenne Kaisa

    she hit her head like BOOOOONK LOL

  • Payton Rogers
    Payton Rogers

    the cat go broooooooommmmm!!!!!

  • mamasitamelinda


  • Brooklyn McKinless
    Brooklyn McKinless

    The person that was eating Tackies who else read is shirt

  • Horse Girl vibes
    Horse Girl vibes

    Oh yes my dog thinks he’s human

  • KraZEE KaT
    KraZEE KaT


  • Mrs Mustang GT500
    Mrs Mustang GT500

    The ok let’s go killed me

  • Natalie Huber
    Natalie Huber

    First try first time *gasps* that looks like salad!😰 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~

  • Vector

    Look like that dog came out of Beetlejuice

  • Ilja Dementjevs
    Ilja Dementjevs

    OML LOl It hurts to pee /no Cane who dis?/linda just died🥺

  • shartondix

    So I am a type one diabetic, and The t1d tik tok was funny but that’s not how it works.

  • Jayden Richard
    Jayden Richard

    i agree with the cat that is a human being not a dog

  • Jamie Yarbrough
    Jamie Yarbrough

    Okay I know it’s a bleach costume but why it look like nezuko🤔

  • Spencer Haggins
    Spencer Haggins

    the cat said ahahahahggggahghagh

  • Lightning Fan
    Lightning Fan

    Nobody: The Pilot 👨‍✈️: OkeE lEsS gO

  • Galaxy Boi
    Galaxy Boi


  • Hannah Jackson
    Hannah Jackson

    By the way I didn't notice but you made this video on my birthday

  • Carol Tanton
    Carol Tanton

    Omgosh when the guy asked Alexa the location,mine answered. Lol

  • +HoneyBee+


  • Galaxy Boi
    Galaxy Boi

    4:32 xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • _Inky taffy_
    _Inky taffy_

    Me eating blue takis while watching this video

  • Kerri - and her son Ryan Empey
    Kerri - and her son Ryan Empey

    0:20 I have no words

  • Tiana Alleyne
    Tiana Alleyne

    I'm dieing with laugh for the one when the boy touch the packet with his tongue 😂😂😂😂

  • Blaber 90
    Blaber 90

    Glitched pool table

  • Ethan Jang
    Ethan Jang

    Omg I just ate spicy noodle for dinner

  • • cute little wølfie •
    • cute little wølfie •


  • Kaycee Lightbown
    Kaycee Lightbown

    The "well mother u just done diddly done it now" just made my day and idk why,it made me laugh,lol,ik my humor broken,its been like that for a while now,I thing I need a plumber🤫😶😬😕🤷‍♀️

  • Tashana Bryan
    Tashana Bryan

    Ever actually seen that tiktok it's posted like everywhere

  • max Parker
    max Parker

    It's always what the dog doing never how the dog doing

  • Jackson Dillon
    Jackson Dillon

    Me e e e e

  • Vicky'ssa

    6:04 cAuSe bAby I nEeD nOww OuOuh~ iconic

  • N1ghtM3lody

    8:19 its a furry, dont be so rude. :)

  • [~Blueberry_Skys~]

    "if i mi di jum if i mi di jum i gae as heel if i mi di jum"

  • Shanice Romeo
    Shanice Romeo

    omg was that the flash

  • Simple Squad
    Simple Squad

    When I saw that the dude was watching flash and the dog turned it off Me: AAHHHHHH

  • hamster

    Its always what the dog doing but never how the dog doing

  • Delany Davila
    Delany Davila

    So no one remembers the “favorite French RSloftr” no?ok.

  • Kelly Thomson
    Kelly Thomson

    Put okaaay less go on top of that kid crying 😂😂😂

  • Leighton Borth
    Leighton Borth

    My Grandma have snapchat

  • Dannie Markussen
    Dannie Markussen

    Okayyy lets go😭🤣😂😅😂🤣

  • Joshua

    The dog is sitting on his feet?

  • •gxcha_flxpp•

    2:43 my alarm is broken 😂

  • Sphynx Cats
    Sphynx Cats

    My cat is a literally in the closet of my brothers and I am in his room so this is very funny along with the video

  • Devi Ratmeliya
    Devi Ratmeliya

    Fun fact: sun burns are caussing skin killing themselve bcs if sone idiot of a skin does not kill themselve they well turn into cancer

  • Fighting Words
    Fighting Words

    You're so damn cute. 😘

  • Røse

    Okay let’s go

  • holliesyellowstickers

    ojayy les go

  • Nemos world
    Nemos world

    Honestly she’s so relatable

  • Alicia Divine
    Alicia Divine

    The way she went AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • 👻Ghostly Ruby👻
    👻Ghostly Ruby👻

    The BaBy I nEeD tO kNoW and the MmMmM

  • Priyankaa Arulselvan
    Priyankaa Arulselvan

    Jb is rude to his fans i mean she just said it thrice??

  • Latisha Williams
    Latisha Williams

    sorry I meant to say I’m seven and I love your videos😅🥲

  • Latisha Williams
    Latisha Williams

    I am seven years old and I love your videos you’re super cool

  • Nikki Miller
    Nikki Miller

    that stypid dog turend of the tv on the best part as flash

  • Shanaya David
    Shanaya David

    5:13 his shirt says .. I’m getting fat And also says.. It looks like salad 🥗

  • •ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ʟᴜxᴜʀʏ•
    •ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ʟᴜxᴜʀʏ•

    8:09 I’m not hating on Lia,but it’s actually a hobby and dressing up as an animal is also a hobby.If you here her closely in this clip she says “y’all don’t be just doing this in public”or a synonym to that sentence.I’m not hating on her but I am truly disappointed.It’s just a person having fun.Just let people have fun like normal human beings do.

  • Anna Playz
    Anna Playz

    the guy who cant eat the salad bro ur shirt says ur getting fat so like ummmmmm 🥗

  • Anna Playz
    Anna Playz

    the guy who cant eat the salad bro ur shirt says ur getting fat so like ummmmmm 🥗

  • Anna Playz
    Anna Playz

    the guy who cant eat the salad bro ur shirt says ur getting fat so like ummmmmm 🥗

  • Anna Playz
    Anna Playz

    the guy who cant eat the salad bro ur shirt says ur getting fat so like ummmmmm 🥗

  • Anna Playz
    Anna Playz

    at 3:43 me i was screeeeeemmmmming

  • Alisa Dhuman
    Alisa Dhuman

    Poor kid just wanted to go on the swing ;(

  • Judy

    Notice the monkeys on the shirt? 2:06

  • Christian Bast
    Christian Bast

    that cat that did brrrrrr it was my cousins cat but it die because our papa ran over it and it was a baby we miss it so much

  • eugene pelimiano
    eugene pelimiano

    oh i know that song that you sing is baby i need to knowww ohhhhh sorry if is bad 😅😳

  • Lisa Edwards
    Lisa Edwards

    F y

  • Veteran Gamer
    Veteran Gamer


  • Dare dęvįl
    Dare dęvįl

    3:53 she should have said honey 🍯

  • Sophia Bello
    Sophia Bello

    For my Alexa said he's in Conger California

  • Melody

    Go cry yourself to sleep ok?

  • Ananya Pujar
    Ananya Pujar

    *Bada bing bada boom* Blinks feeling that moment ✨✨

  • Unicatplayz YT
    Unicatplayz YT

    That’s a Indian

  • Frankie Aleman
    Frankie Aleman


  • m7huskies

    Man went from a sunburn to a sonburn

  • 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁_𝓖𝓸𝔃𝓮𝓷


  • Minnie

    When the part where the dude was asking Alexa for the girls location my Alexa deadass responded and almost gave me a heard attack wtf help😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith

    No not the frog 🐸

  • Lenni Newmann
    Lenni Newmann

    I feel soòòooooooo soŕrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy for the doy🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Diabetic Daniella
    Diabetic Daniella

    Having diabetes I gotta say. YOU’VE DONE IM GOING HIGH WELL DONE MOTHER

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    *okayyy lets go*

  • Ava Valenzuela
    Ava Valenzuela

    My alexa went off to

  • luxlqkxitlyn

    the video with the alexa alerted my alexa and heard the video she told where i am 🤣😅😭

  • Fatma Alm
    Fatma Alm

    3:52 diabetic kids can eat sweets bc I have diabetes and I can eat a hole cake 😑 like excuse meeeeeee?????

  • Majerle

    When that video of Alexa came on and that you said my address

  • Stacey Rangel
    Stacey Rangel

    Duck in a truck stuck in the muck that must suck but the duck doesn’t give a

  • Gavin rodriguez
    Gavin rodriguez

    Lia is the BEST she never fails to make us smile

  • Gavin rodriguez
    Gavin rodriguez

    Ok let's gooooo

  • Maddie Gagnon
    Maddie Gagnon

    You said f word you know kids watch this

  • Mason Neumann
    Mason Neumann

    Sonic says if you’re bored punch and orphan what are they gonna do tell there parents

  • •Nights•Light•

    OMG my alexa turned on when the guy asked "hey Alex what's my location" and started saying my location XD my heart is racing

  • thealphawolf1244


  • Adielle Halz
    Adielle Halz

    " Go back to sleep. We aint at McDonald's" 😂

  • Spamton G Spamton
    Spamton G Spamton

    n i c e

  • Elaina Campbell
    Elaina Campbell

    I love your videos