Tik Toks That Feel ILLEGAL To Watch
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  • Tiffany Ospice
    Tiffany Ospice


  • love Cupid
    love Cupid

    The 1st and 2nd one are just oh my God

  • ♣!WILLSTER!♣

    1:53 is every pizza party at school

  • Maung K
    Maung K

    I almost threw up when that girl ate that spider 🕷

  • Jeanie!

    This kind of made me uncomfortable because my mom got us cookies last night me and my sister so while I’m eating the cookie I’m just seeing all these disgusting videos and it’s so weird it’s kind of making me Uncomfortable

  • Yasmin Mapa
    Yasmin Mapa

    when it was the extra mayo part i had a mayo ad

  • jm noe labo
    jm noe labo

    are you in Philippines

  • Unicorn girl 🦄
    Unicorn girl 🦄

    Me after hearing the scream from when the girl put a fork on her leg : MY POOR EARS!!!!!

    • Unicorn girl 🦄
      Unicorn girl 🦄

      It's like a horror movie scream


    2:10 expression 😂 😂 😂

  • Cloudy Rose
    Cloudy Rose


  • Levi Lanphear
    Levi Lanphear

    i almost barfed

  • łöļýø həľłœ
    łöļýø həľłœ

    1:51 is that for a school party?

  • kattt Roless
    kattt Roless

    The scream killed me 😭✌

  • Grace !
    Grace !

    Bro, I was wearing headphones. The leg scream. I think it killed my ears

  • Girls world
    Girls world

    How other people just a little how me oh what am I kidding let me put a gallon

  • Bananaled


  • shuki shu
    shuki shu

    Try salad with kapri sun

  • Hey beauty squad
    Hey beauty squad

    I swear you cannot cannot eat a watermelon with an actual spider ketchup on it it’s illegal

  • Rez J
    Rez J

    That wasn’t ketchup

  • Kayla Tishie
    Kayla Tishie

    SSSniperWolf I like your videos🧋🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😃😃

  • XxunicornpeepeexX3492


  • Lailu3401 Lily
    Lailu3401 Lily

    what a wast

  • Dan Medina
    Dan Medina

    People with headphones

  • Big D
    Big D

    Is your MOM SINGLE 😂🤣

  • Oikawa toru
    Oikawa toru

    Gordon Ramsey when he saw the first one:😵⚰️

  • Legend Stan Lee
    Legend Stan Lee

    0:16 I want to die

  • Clarencethebeast

    He asked to get electrocuted

  • Maverick Santos
    Maverick Santos


  • Lyncy kyzzyl Doren
    Lyncy kyzzyl Doren

    🥰🥰😍🤩😍🥰🤩😍😍😍😍 love your videos sniper wolf you know me will you please help a wolf i always love you video please let's meet my cousin

  • Hawaii Kittens
    Hawaii Kittens

    Like you don’t have to do all that stuff when you Can lick it

  • Hibah_Da_Kitten

    I got a heart attack from the girl who git the fork and stabed herself rip headphones users on that clip

  • Penda

    Just watching that girl eat a tarantula on a watermelon with ketchup and seasoning will make Gordon Ramsay take the shot 🤢🤚

  • Southern Boy
    Southern Boy

    Yo fr tho. Used to work at Dunkin.

  • My hero Gacha 7568
    My hero Gacha 7568

    * me staring are her background thinking one of her figures are MHA* "You don't eat on manga! well I would eat on my hero academia tho." me : "HOW DARE YOU"

  • Sureshkumar Murugiah
    Sureshkumar Murugiah

    Ayo hye that kid even do that it’s her freaking body

  • Catarina Sebastián Sebastián
    Catarina Sebastián Sebastián

    Do you see People and teach them good this?

  • ibuki mioda
    ibuki mioda

    1:40 pizza partis at school be like

  • Sugar Pink
    Sugar Pink

    Gordon already saw it 😃👍🏻

    • Sugar Pink
      Sugar Pink


  • Cadence ✨
    Cadence ✨

    I love the gummy bottles😳

  • I'mUrLil

    This with the car... u know... Lia.... its just a shape of a car.... it has been in market too! Its shape is weird but its true! Awesome video!

  • Jay B1
    Jay B1

    The pig squirrel:exists Lia: This ain't Build-A-Bear workshop Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Princess aaliyah
    Princess aaliyah

    I mean RIP FOR Headphone users 7:23

  • Princess aaliyah
    Princess aaliyah

    Rest in peace headphone users 7:50

  • cass 💕
    cass 💕

    When I was younger I would get gummies and I was not allowed slime in the house so I would always melt them in my hands and play with them 🖤🤍 Who can relate

  • Jacqui Pells
    Jacqui Pells

    5:34 bruh I thought it was a glich in real life lol😂

  • Supritha Bangalore
    Supritha Bangalore

    Nah no one spliced a chipmunk and a pig they just painted one! No seriously the soo called chipmunk pig hybrid is just a breed of pig

  • Hogwarts_Glich[-Gacha-]

    OK im officary gonna be sick

  • ~Cats Land~
    ~Cats Land~

    The Video Made Me ✨uncomfortable✨

  • Weirdcore Smiles
    Weirdcore Smiles

    Nobody: Not even a soul: Me before even clicking the video: Alright I got the cops on the line let’s do this.

  • Halee Spradlin
    Halee Spradlin

    Not me being uncomfortable and skipping through the tarantula and watermelon 🥲

  • Natasha Haye
    Natasha Haye

    sorry everyone i am scrming mi see you

  • Natasha Haye
    Natasha Haye

    the 3 one is not good mi no like you 3 one yes yes yes yes yes

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    That the Nickelodeon come with SpongeBob water park what look cool 😎

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    That look nasty what that meet and cream and sprinkles

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    He cheated

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    In the eating a bowl of mayo I will be grossed out

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    They gave you a whole bowl of mayo and that sandwich

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    That's a good one to get out of work

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    eyelashes look nasty

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    You rice with orange juice that sound nasty 😝

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    Messing with the light switch the best prank 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😜😂

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    It is a good prank finger 😂🤣

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    Why did she eat the tarantula

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    Ti probably hurt it

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    the gummy frogs turn into soup

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    The gummy frogs mush much much much much

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    That's what gummies do

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    He just put food coloring

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    That's impossible

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    She's going to be not good

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    The Lamborghini cost 10000000000000000$

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    Cars are freaky and build different

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    That is cat food not human food

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    If you are a boy if you do that

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    No you can't do want to get electrified

  • Albert Warren
    Albert Warren

    Put on top of butter is nasty real butter is good

  • Shirley Hickman
    Shirley Hickman

    😂😂😂😂 I like your ves

  • matry21

    Bruh what if the spider is candy because Philippines has that

  • Nikki Chua
    Nikki Chua


  • Fiona Jade
    Fiona Jade


  • Hamish Ward
    Hamish Ward


  • Splurge

    0:05 Oh you going to hell hell

  • E.l.l.a

    You’ve now heard of rice and orange juice…. but MY BROTHER ate ketchup on apples…AND LIKED IT😎

  • Roman Kireev
    Roman Kireev

    7:23 was so funny

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Mr Fisher
    Mr Fisher

    Bruh the girl who ate the spider I was like eh yow wtf

  • Kinsley Keim
    Kinsley Keim

    I eat French fries with apple sauce not rice with apple juice though

  • ~Scarletta~.

    I CAN'T

  • ~Scarletta~.

    A tarantula with

  • Shaylin Risland
    Shaylin Risland

    Who gonna tell her that was chamoy not ketchup

  • Gayda Abdallah
    Gayda Abdallah

    1:58 thats me 🤣

  • Priscilla Maniram
    Priscilla Maniram

    Ssniper do more Minecraft videos

  • Xavier Yard
    Xavier Yard

    The fretful cord histomorphometrically follow because plantation neurologically depend astride a illustrious school. ajar, useful beginner

  • ButterflyVictoria

    Why you did she eat that spider ewwww🕷🕷she rude for that

  • Victor Vera
    Victor Vera

    My mom told me that one time, when she was younger, she had bought some cans of dog food from a guy at the market and the cans didn't have any label on them so they were just silver cans. She was in a hurry to run some errands before certain places closed so she went home and absentmindedly put the cans of dog food he had just bought in the cabinet and then went about her way to run them errands. She got home a few hour later to find my uncle spreading the dog food onto his toast. She waited for him to finish that toast and asked him how good that was. He told her it was amazing and he wanted to know what brand of refried beans those were. She told him it was dog food and he got pissed. She said he was livid, shouting at her that she knew it was dog food and she sat there and watched him eat the whole dog food toast. Not only that, but he had fixed my other uncle like 4 "refried beans toasts" and together they ate two cans of the dog food, not knowing it was dog food. When my other uncle heard her bust out laughing while he continued to yell at her about eating the dog food he came out of his room to ask what was going on. My uncle tells him what they ate was not refried beans, but toast and that uncle got sick and rushed to the restroom where he threw up. They were both pissed at mom for not feeling sorry, but all she told them was "how did you not know the difference between dog food and refried beans"? They didn't speak to her until the next day.

    • Victor Vera
      Victor Vera

      @Zoe Stagar on my laptop

    • Zoe Stagar
      Zoe Stagar

      How did u write all that !!!!





  • Bailey Cuny
    Bailey Cuny

    Rice with juse that’s wen you know your adopted

  • Wild planet shaper
    Wild planet shaper

    5:10 Great. Now cross breed a dog and a cat now.