Tik Toks That Escalated Quickly
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  • Ellie Lloyd
    Ellie Lloyd

    10:06 :c

  • Mike sounds and music
    Mike sounds and music

    5:00 is it the girl in dhar mann

  • Ken Trumblee
    Ken Trumblee

    i love you sniper Wolf

  • Jeffrey Alt
    Jeffrey Alt

    The girl seriously took Coke a cola and put it in a cup and she did not see the Coca-Cola spill and at the end she’s like what

  • Mike_Crewmate


  • Dace Trēde
    Dace Trēde

    Cill gral its gast a minyon dem

  • Snappyシ♡☆

    the little gurl man she just didn't care😩 it hurts man ahhhh poor parents

  • Tiffany Lee
    Tiffany Lee

    Love the Bleach figurines

  • Rale song
    Rale song

    Every time Lia says she has messy hair, I think to my self "No it's not, it looks beautiful."

  • Becky Rocha
    Becky Rocha

    Omg the throw tho when the brake up happens when she throw the computer

  • Barbara Tevepaugh
    Barbara Tevepaugh

    The way she screamed at the dog i cant😭

  • Teddy world
    Teddy world

    Geez that need to girl calm down

  • Teddy world
    Teddy world

    And also that was a Karen That told That dude what to do U_U

  • Teddy world
    Teddy world

    What happened to that dude that Fell into that hole?

  • Sashkalike [SL]
    Sashkalike [SL]

    Im from is Russia, bad know English. It video is cool!

  • chudier and Danielle plays
    chudier and Danielle plays

    I’m dying to the first video😂😂😂

  • Action Time
    Action Time

    Dispatch we have a attempted murder i repeat we have a attempted murder 5:22

  • Jordan Bejosano
    Jordan Bejosano

    that tent

  • {❤︎Kᴏʀᴜᴍɪ❤︎}

    It’s bc when she she’s sees a minion it reminds her of dead brother he was afraid of minions idk if this is true or not-

  • R.

    The car Noo

  • Sean Matthew Cuanias
    Sean Matthew Cuanias

    I think he will see the world trade center

  • Rachel Chevez
    Rachel Chevez

    No you don’t have a messy hair it looks so cute

  • Wild Kid
    Wild Kid

    sssniperwolf: I almost felt my soul leave my body. what is that! me: wow that's a fucking catfish

    • Tiffany Lee
      Tiffany Lee

      I thought it was a snake head fish

  • Foxonify

    Sometimes people can be set off by random things it’s not someone to make fun of

  • April Wright
    April Wright


  • Addie Rose
    Addie Rose

    The fishing rod like had a giant eel

  • The Things And Stuff
    The Things And Stuff

    Girl Be Like Grrrrr And Takes The Laptop And Just POW 💻🌊

  • black  peackachu
    black peackachu

    If a Karen walked up to me and said, never say that I do that again, I would just punch them honestly, I'll say you stupid, and then punch them literally just it's not your world,

  • ✨mikan the ultimate nurse✨
    ✨mikan the ultimate nurse✨

    Sniper wolf: hello friends it’s me with messy hair Me: same girl Bella: you don’t even brush your hair sometimes shut up Me: slap-

  • Sleepless Cat
    Sleepless Cat


  • Jade Williams
    Jade Williams

    Whenever you're sad don't worry I'm always here for you instead of jade it's actually a different person it's Jade's kids

  • filukalol


  • Grace Santellano
    Grace Santellano

    Well at least the fish will watch the laptop now 🤨🤣😁

  • Starcrowd

    6:12 I love how lia laughs

  • Colleen Duke
    Colleen Duke

    omg the kid with the pepsi thoughhhhhhhhh

  • Panda unicorn  rainbow123
    Panda unicorn rainbow123

    weirdo:ha ha ha ewwww

  • Xasha Montelongo
    Xasha Montelongo

    Awoooooooo sssniperwolf the best awooooooooooo

  • Jolly Giraffe
    Jolly Giraffe

    Is it just me or does that person terrified of the minion look like that girl in the Dhar Mann videos lol

  • Sam Bevan
    Sam Bevan

    0:29 it is really rude to say those things in new york so don't call her a karen ps this is not a hait comment.

  • Delany Davila
    Delany Davila

    UhM sssniperwolf just a fact. UhM people in New York are pretty tough and mean- for maybe understanding reason 🤔

  • Sandar Min
    Sandar Min

    0:16 /Lia:WHERE DID HE FALL TOO???//Me:He fell to a nightmare

  • Halo916

    mom: sweety can u get me a pepsi 3 year old: yes mama pour in glass spills mom: omg never mind

  • Pancake cat 🐈‍⬛
    Pancake cat 🐈‍⬛

    My sister is going to be born in 3 days

  • Lujain Alsofi
    Lujain Alsofi

    the first one was a skating slide dw

  • Coco’s world
    Coco’s world

    I’m getting an iPhone 13

  • Caoimhe Hough
    Caoimhe Hough

    Ok with the minion she has a yellow cushion behind her?


    The thankful french systematically stare because grip echographically unlock inside a super humor. stale, wacky toy

  • RR A
    RR A

    A haw 3cats and onle one ran away for 2days

  • the friend children friend
    the friend children friend

    The girl who is afraid of the minion probaly has the fear of yellow which is real thing srsly it is.

  • JACKSON Williams
    JACKSON Williams


  • pugfam

    I think she had gotten assaulted by someone dressed as a minion

  • Billy Boland
    Billy Boland

    I feel bad for kevin

  • | • S Q U I R R E L • |
    | • S Q U I R R E L • |

    * me watching the first one *: hes ✨fine✨

  • Derek Macdonald
    Derek Macdonald

    Only dumb people get the stick on window cling, get it done right.

  • Ashley Almeida
    Ashley Almeida

    Lia, I think you dropped this? 👑

  • (o_o)

    was the first guy ok?

  • manoohs1

    5:20-5:21 *rip people with jaundices' heart😔✨✨*

  • what

    8:47 lmao i died watching this

  • ¿[Kårmå§Ð3mðñ]?

    That flat earth girls brother died and hated minions so now she hates minions pls don't laugh at her I'm your big fan but pls understand 😔

  • DeAnna Nerren
    DeAnna Nerren

    It died

  • Sparkles spice adventures
    Sparkles spice adventures

    Guy; heheh *bring out deth note* Friend: HA *bring out uno revurse* Me: HA HA HAAAA *brings out chancla 🩴*

  • willow and maple
    willow and maple

    Lol Why do i want to throw flat Earth girl a minion themed birthday party whoth literally minions everywhere

  • BookerBayRd McPhees
    BookerBayRd McPhees

    Fish do be big dough

  • Yoconda Abad
    Yoconda Abad

    ok for the record that girl isnt the only one that is like scared of minions my cousin is scared cuss a person tried to like take her away smth in a minion costume so ye she afraid to I cant say anything

  • Joel Herrera
    Joel Herrera

    5:23 Rip the minion

  • what tha games
    what tha games

    gesser who new Rico rodrick was drivin the car

  • Kamil Quander
    Kamil Quander

    The little gril poring the Pepsi in the cup was so adroble she is so cute

  • River roblox
    River roblox

    An I early?

  • Chaisley Nelson
    Chaisley Nelson

    Hello I’m a new sub :D

  • Meh Lillad
    Meh Lillad

    Also the ‘hey I’m walk-in here’ thing was from a lego thing😂

  • KazoTube

    The earring the wouldn't stay put for the whole video-

  • Tana Kulit
    Tana Kulit

    i got scared that the boy waked his friend and he falls pls tell me were he go if you know i was scared but it was a little funny

  • mackenzie villa
    mackenzie villa

    The dude who pulled out the gas nozzle is straight up Jason Statham vibes

  • Mason Cumana
    Mason Cumana

    2:17 just a reminder for me

  • xtoocold

    5:23 she has xanthophobia

  • OceanKai24!

    That kid with the Pepsi was SO TRIGGERING

  • Jessica Royster
    Jessica Royster

    okay just saying in get so mad when ppl pull off the tint like i see a car pass bye there cars be muckin yellow and also can you make your videos plls!

  • Tesla  man 456
    Tesla man 456

    Screw that

  • *Noodle*

    ok for the confused people let me explain that flat earther person yeah that person with the minion. So they go by they/them now and TW: this story contains insainly sad stuff so

  • Tørn_Głitčh201

    That’s a catfish -.-

  • Nian Kovač
    Nian Kovač

    2:29 me: haha pulls out a uno reverse card

  • Susanne Manocchia
    Susanne Manocchia

    this is cool 😮 and fuuny...

  • Ellah june Fincato
    Ellah june Fincato

    SSSniperwolfs earings on a lean is triggering

  • Edecledde Sellers
    Edecledde Sellers

    If they do my laptop into the sea I would throw them to into the sea

  • Emil Stolarczyk
    Emil Stolarczyk

    I know what window tint is but what does it even do ?

  • Julie Torres
    Julie Torres

    The third one ones happened to me 😂

  • Aiden K
    Aiden K


  • Nathanael James UwU
    Nathanael James UwU

    0:22 i'm so sorry for this guys

  • luminouscyote

    Owooooooooooo I'm woofy!

  • Christy Dimitrios
    Christy Dimitrios

    The common turnip interspecifically connect because windchime isely murder up a idiotic drawer. pumped, obsolete editor

  • Angry Baby
    Angry Baby

    Crewmates: hmmmmmmm Me: I got the death note and I can kill you

  • Abigail Moore
    Abigail Moore

    I'm still questioning how someone is scared of a Minion and why she would assault him like that tho-

  • Ibado Maria
    Ibado Maria

    Her face when she grabbed the minion🤣

  • Tesmond_Playz

    1:10 that is not the taste the rainbow i was expecting

  • Lucas he was dead🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • cheri da berry
    cheri da berry

    There’s actually a phobia of the color yellow. That’s probably what she has-

  • Shadowninjax_007 :3
    Shadowninjax_007 :3

    at 2:13 that was an electric eel

  • Tiphanny Van Rooyen
    Tiphanny Van Rooyen

    That was a water snak

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