School Tik Toks That Are Actually Relatable
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  • Gomer Games
    Gomer Games

    Me when she said that random kid in the back of the class that makes weird noises: I sat next to that kid 😣😤😓😥☠️

  • Matthew Wylie
    Matthew Wylie

    this actually works i was half a class now im not even a seat away

  • Brandi Dearborn
    Brandi Dearborn

    Omg lol


    9:45 im weak

  • WolfLover

    Me and my teacher

  • Irene churcher
    Irene churcher

    One time the head teacher came in and said pack up all of it stuff to me and I did then she said you have to go home because ur brother has a splinter and he didn't have one single tear on his face

  • pantea Shekari
    pantea Shekari

    Dang Matt Smith I like turtles too ._.

  • _.M1@._

    Anytime me and my teacher would let us eat while she is discusin our lesson, the reason they let us eat is bc they know wit time that we havent ate our hungry faces as long as we eat at class she would say: "u can eat but u should listen to our lesson while eatin"

  • shouyo

    Thing is my English teacher Doesn't where one of those warps lol

  • Emily the girl
    Emily the girl

    For some reason I always only see my p.e teacher in public

  • Modestra Cleaning
    Modestra Cleaning

    2:50 Bendy had a visit clearly

  • Colton Molina
    Colton Molina

    The one that had a crying kid because he was going to 2nd grand is relatable because in third grade my last Hooke meet in my class I ran to my mom and cried I was not happy third grade was over I miss third grade

  • Socia0Socia no me Arevalo
    Socia0Socia no me Arevalo

    So when I was doing zoom my teacher said she was leaving to a other school and I cried and cause I was crying she started to cry but like I was the only one that was crying this is me " but don't leave us your the best teacher ever🥺 '' and I really miss her but it's true when you have a teacher for like 2 or 3 years

  • Aphmau’s biggest fan and SSS sniper wolf’s fan
    Aphmau’s biggest fan and SSS sniper wolf’s fan

    I drink coffee in class sometimes but I in class sometimes when I have my camera turned off :)

  • C0BRZZ1˂˃

    2:58 im still in elementary school and i find this one so relatable, somehow.

  • Isaiah G
    Isaiah G

    Hi lai

  • cupcakecat caterson
    cupcakecat caterson

    Whenever i had to eat during class i would lie and say my camera isnt working

  • Briella🎨💕

    You know the black stuff at 2:43 that is deadly...

  • Shelia Jewett
    Shelia Jewett

    Me at the end of 2nd grade: 7:24-8:01 Just not my mom


    That water is BROWN half the school water is toilet water if you have a wather fountain with no toilets near thats the good stuff

  • Leaf Meep
    Leaf Meep


  • Soyluna bia Violeta go Lover
    Soyluna bia Violeta go Lover

    In fourth grade I had a teacher that I loved so much my mom and brother we’re going to the trampoline park to celebrate the end school I don’t want to go and I Went to my room cried my eyes out

  • fish carma
    fish carma

    2:40 beny and the ink machine

  • Emmanuel Resendez
    Emmanuel Resendez

    I'm in 7th grade and my teacher put the desks into 4 desks ( for example if there is 2 desk directly across from each other they get put to get together) and da other bois were right across from us and our teachers but us right next to each other so all da bois are sitting next to each other

  • Adream 3000
    Adream 3000

    With the ink

  • Adream 3000
    Adream 3000

    Bendy take over

  • 1m00n_l1ght1

    Ik omg the exploding printer is so relatable

  • 翔

    Anyone else's teacher HATE it when you call them by their last name?

  • •sxmply strawbz•
    •sxmply strawbz•

    I always sit with my friends at the beginning of the year because we to good at being quiet when the teacher comes in the room 😂 and that my bestie she be strict and I'm the loud and silly one so she keeps me in line 🤣🤣

  • Hailey

    For our school they won’t let more than 2 people in the bathroom now

  • justalittlearty

    7:04 i have the same dresser

  • AlphaWolf 216
    AlphaWolf 216

    *diff schools on the same feild trip* *dirty looks start flying* 🤨🧐

  • koopqi

    "School Tik Toks That Are Actually Relatable" *Printer Exploding* I know, that's like really relatable.

  • Ivy Edwards
    Ivy Edwards

    OS my bestie here on my field trip even though she's going to a different School

  • Hinata Shoyo
    Hinata Shoyo

    Then my head hit the wall bOuWm

  • Amari Johnson
    Amari Johnson

    come on the im old enough to be his mom was a bit too much of an exageration

  • Max Vernon
    Max Vernon


  • Rich Gowen
    Rich Gowen

    The smart typhoon histomorphometrically amuse because passbook simplistically fold under a mushy hardhat. tense, discreet ceiling

  • Ja’nae Green
    Ja’nae Green

    The “Bathroom challenge” has also spread around to my middle school in Dallas and we had to walk all the way to the front office just to use the restroom.

  • Roxanne Cormier
    Roxanne Cormier

    Teachers watching this be like well this is offensive.

  • BearJew662 ॐ
    BearJew662 ॐ

    (2:47) bendy: I will get all of you

  • super skater
    super skater


  • Carmela Tilley
    Carmela Tilley

    I paused it at the perfect time

  • Tofu_Tea_Cat

    0:44 am I a bad person for laughing at this?

  • Janet Navarro
    Janet Navarro

    No when they pull you out it means that you need to go home for something

  • newcode7 newcode6
    newcode7 newcode6

    Im waiting for bendy to come out of the ink

  • Phoebe Witter
    Phoebe Witter

    When my sisters teacher have me they expect a very quiet person they don’t get that they get a girl Who has an IEP and has a metal illness and acts like a three years old when she upset and can’t tell you how she feels because she frustrated and wants to be left alone and who is scared of fire drills and loud noises

  • Alia Rivera
    Alia Rivera

    Well not my English teacher she scream

  • Macie Johnson
    Macie Johnson

    when teachers say " ill wait" THAT SETS ME OFF OMG

  • Mika the Slitherin
    Mika the Slitherin

    My 4th grade teacher actually let us eat in the class room any time. She used to teach 5th grade

  • Nora Richards
    Nora Richards

    Michael is My cousin

  • Gaming With Elle
    Gaming With Elle

    my teachers name is ACTUALY Mrs.English

  • Yampi Valentino
    Yampi Valentino

    I do not have to pay for lunch hahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaha

  • Sarah evaline
    Sarah evaline

    In norway we only say our teachers name and not mis or mrs

  • Elizabeth Montgomery
    Elizabeth Montgomery

    THERE IS A KID WHO SAYS "Can I get a HOYA!" 😹

  • Juceila Tavares
    Juceila Tavares

    True for you

  • Dara Flaherty
    Dara Flaherty

    One of my teachers are 19

  • Eva Ashley-Smith
    Eva Ashley-Smith

    4:31 Istg, I walked into the bathroom yesterday and an entire fkn LINE OF CUBICLES was missing. Needless to say, I had to cover for A LOT on the school council meeting.

  • Iron Giant
    Iron Giant

    For the girl who passed out during her presentation, it was most likely because she was either really anxious or dehydrated. It could also be th at she was locking out her knees but probably not

  • MemeBread

    My whole class basicly hates tik tok and we all have youtube channels

  • 1982jill

    OMG the one with what a teacher would wear on un uniform day my english teacher wore the exact same!!!!!😂

  • Kailey Hard
    Kailey Hard

    On my first day of school people just kept doing can you give me a Hoyaaa

  • Alena Jaweed
    Alena Jaweed


  • Jane Jenkins
    Jane Jenkins

    I like sloths 🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥

  • Cora Leighton
    Cora Leighton

    My teacher wants her class to call her by her first name


    at 2:51 that is from bendy and ink machine

  • Squid game Gaurd
    Squid game Gaurd

    This is spot on

  • Marinette

    I wish I could meet u


    The stereotyped disease erroneously shrug because mile formerly concentrate an a little bay. cautious, ashamed chain

  • Clodagh Tullo
    Clodagh Tullo

    All my teachers be like 40

  • whiteriiqizz


  • Eduardo Howard
    Eduardo Howard

    Why teachers don’t like being called by their first name soooooo much.

  • Fam CamYT
    Fam CamYT

    That school got Bendy and the Ink Machine

  • Lillian Goodman
    Lillian Goodman

    At my school someone stole the stall door in the bathroom

  • Strawberry_Cinnamon

    My teacher is the best she lets us eat during class

  • cxitlinrxse

    I actually got pulled out of class by the principal before but not because I was in trouble, because she was giving me my birthday present

  • Elaine Volk
    Elaine Volk

    They actually do cuz I was going to music and a guy said " Can u give me a hoya! "

  • Roblox master
    Roblox master

    Can I get a Hoya:a kid from my. Us says that everyday now I know

  • OhCalero

    My teacher is 54

  • silly girl
    silly girl

    I never call my teacher their first name or second name its just : Teacher

  • Lulu Larson
    Lulu Larson

    I’m a teacher and they be doing the tik tok meme

  • Alamin Ali
    Alamin Ali

    My school be like:me:Mrs?them:... me:Lauren them:yes Then for lunch:year1, year2,year3,year4,YEAR6,YEAR5 my school messed up or somin'

  • Navya Ramasamy
    Navya Ramasamy

    Actually I am in 4th grade and ummmm....... people be going CAN I GET A HOYA!!!!!!

  • Angela Paris
    Angela Paris

    I live in Florida

  • Nanyasis

    10:52 yes this happened to me in 5th grade, we had a table of 4 desks, and me and my three friends sat there, but then when we got assigned we all got moved to our own corners of the class lol

  • EmmaPlaysRoblox

    since i have some mental issues my teacher sits me next to my bestie every time :')

  • Sabrina Espino
    Sabrina Espino

    Mine doesn't even care even I eat they let me

  • Brelynn Fox
    Brelynn Fox

    I'm in high school and I sit as far away as my friend cuz it's just started and I got sat next to my best friend good hack

  • Risban Gurna
    Risban Gurna

    The teacher said I look like a sixth-grader and me them it is the opposite of me

  • All Pro Paint & Pressure Washing
    All Pro Paint & Pressure Washing

    I’m just saying

  • Patricia Cava
    Patricia Cava

    The ink one thoughtttttttt Bendy irl XDD

  • Kinley Fulton
    Kinley Fulton

    My class will be the first class that will never pay for lunch in my school

  • chara

    I cryed when I had to leave on the last day EDIT: I was 9 years old

  • Cameron Lowe
    Cameron Lowe


  • Little T Gamer
    Little T Gamer


  • •Zēmmy•

    0:43 That kid wasn’t hydrated enough so she passed out but she was ok in the end

  • unwxnted_2

    It’s CAN I get a hoya

  • Rickely Rick
    Rickely Rick

    Wait the buvilneon is in florida? OH SHOOT THE POISENISE BUBBLING WATER WHERE I LIVE