Kid Steals Moms Credit Card To Buy PS5
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  • Deria Yavora Asenova
    Deria Yavora Asenova

    Oh my gosh*:)

  • Joe Wallace
    Joe Wallace

    HI um do you know what a pf five

  • Savannah

    I’m the good kid.

  • Mrs I hate homework 📄
    Mrs I hate homework 📄

    Sniper Wolfe is the best

  • Cameron play house
    Cameron play house

    I love you so much

  • Emma_Anime

    *Has no money* “LET’S TAKE MOMMY’S MONEY!”

  • rhea coleta
    rhea coleta

    There is even a see me after class in his math test 😅😂

  • Megan_the_boba_girl

    I hate Sammie he's much a snitch

  • KrokenWZ


  • Guilherme Lourenço
    Guilherme Lourenço


  • Guilherme Lourenço
    Guilherme Lourenço

    Ou man goh sou brasileiro

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson


  • Rosey

    Explain the man walking out of a game store with Kool aid boxes

  • Olivia Olan.
    Olivia Olan.

    why did he do that? he’s gonna be grounded FOR LIFE!

  • Thomas El masri
    Thomas El masri

    Maybe if you didn't own Roblox you would have wouldn't got into this mess in the first place

  • Sophia and friends
    Sophia and friends

    Wow sniper wolf you found a good diamond video

  • Avix FC
    Avix FC

    they look identical kinda

  • • / \ Ŷøür Gàçhà Tübęr • / \
    • / \ Ŷøür Gàçhà Tübęr • / \

    Kid: Steals card Me: why steal a card it’s someone’s Card Kid: SHUT UP Me: well you started it first why should I shut up? Kid: turns into Emo Me: *CUTELY RAGES*

  • Taheem Ullah
    Taheem Ullah


  • arun saro
    arun saro


  • arun saro
    arun saro


  • Marie St fleur
    Marie St fleur

    You know if you waste your money in your credit card they can tell you how much money you wasted and send a message in your email or phone

  • kevin joseph
    kevin joseph

    It’s me will never end

  • Rosita me Raquiño
    Rosita me Raquiño

    Smart mom

  • Rosita me Raquiño
    Rosita me Raquiño

    In pilipinas there no credit where lucky

  • Georgia Plays Roblox
    Georgia Plays Roblox


  • Gloria Romero
    Gloria Romero

    Your very funny I love you ❤️❤️😊you are the best by 💜💛

    • Gloria Romero
      Gloria Romero

      You’re funny 😄

  • Easten King
    Easten King

    Stranger danger


    The wrong thing is how much your kid is good don't give them money

  • Daniel Steussy
    Daniel Steussy

    Maybe that guy should've just gotten a job like I did! Every time I spent money on something like that, it was with the money I earned from my job! My no button, my Lego car, my giant RC car, the giant to braciasourus I got for my brothers 14th birthday, even my drone! And it's also the only money I plan on using to buy a car this summer!

  • Bianca Castillo
    Bianca Castillo


  • Hoa Bui
    Hoa Bui

    His dad

  • Hoa Bui
    Hoa Bui

    The guy is her dad

  • Fabby Palacios
    Fabby Palacios

    I wish my mom give more kindness to me but she only give kindness to my baby brother

  • hunter_kid2355

    A couple months ago I used my mom's credit card to buy vbucks and I ended up using 213$

  • Old and New
    Old and New

    What did Sammy do I mean he was kind of being honest but he didn’t even say anything he tried to say something maybe a couple times but he didn’t even say anything he just said hey Georgie do you have something to say in at the dinner table he was like yeah I’m not gonna say nothing

  • Siew Ng
    Siew Ng

    sammy do be looking like a younger tubbo though

  • Mikiyo Smith
    Mikiyo Smith

    Snipper wolf I done that once with robux and v-bucks

  • Stupid Metal Hardrives
    Stupid Metal Hardrives

    2:08 Mr Beast in a nutshell

  • Miabella Unicorn
    Miabella Unicorn

    Florida Florida Florida Florida

  • Julie Guo
    Julie Guo

    oooh karma

  • Autumn still Tillyannah
    Autumn still Tillyannah

    I want a PS5

  • Mxielle

    If SSNIPERWOLF starts playing Roblox, Me: *immediate friend request*

  • Yeet Boy_123
    Yeet Boy_123

    Can you please start playing fortnite again

  • Dinand Boomert
    Dinand Boomert

    Just say that maybe her card has been steeled

  • Crystal K
    Crystal K


  • Crystal K
    Crystal K


  • Sophia Reem
    Sophia Reem

    Gurl if I wanted robux I would tell her how much money she have's XD

  • Legend Haseeb
    Legend Haseeb

    Killing spree on credit card

  • Udin Deen
    Udin Deen



    this remembered me that my mom to buy something she took part of my earnings and now she ows me like 60 bucks

  • Joey Ramos
    Joey Ramos

    Oh my goodness! I love that Ayden boy!!! 😁😁 P.s I'm a girl not the same name as the account...

  • fat chungus
    fat chungus

    i want robux :')

  • sarah davidson
    sarah davidson

    I didn't have an allowance

  • Kids DIXSON
    Kids DIXSON

    Look at this dudeeeeeee

  • Kids DIXSON
    Kids DIXSON


  • Hunter Burbank
    Hunter Burbank


  • sadio radio
    sadio radio

    SSSniperWolf I'm a little 8 year old and I'm a big fan of you

  • Alisa Fetahovic
    Alisa Fetahovic

    Sammy.i ha

  • Lullitt Rishav
    Lullitt Rishav

    My friend stole Rs 18,000 from his mom

  • AnxiousAndAnnoyed

    I mean giving Sammy the money and ps5 also solidified to him that doing good things brings good things. So he will keep doing good deeds and being honest. She's rewarding his good behavior. And there's nothing wrong with that.

  • I Gusti Ayu Arida Dewi
    I Gusti Ayu Arida Dewi

    But there is many games that can give you robux

  • paoloplayz

    Hello im aaaa big fann i love your videos

  • Tris

    This is my favorite dhar Mann videos that I’ve seen 🥳

  • Hero

    On his birthday too…

  • NWA School Paks
    NWA School Paks

    Why dose that dum mom not give him smoming fore his brthday I man

  • Sharptooth Trex
    Sharptooth Trex

    Now I understand it is wrong to use anyone credit cards without asking. Next time kid, GET A JOB delivering papers, work at a fast food restaurant, or at Target.

  • Icy_hoTodoroki

    Georgie:that’s not fair I wanted that well that’s fine at least I can still play with this mom: oh No

    • Icy_hoTodoroki

      I want spaghetti and a lesson learned

  • Polo g
    Polo g

    Great video

  • Ben playz
    Ben playz

    I have the ps5

  • Rita Robinson
    Rita Robinson


  • Rita Robinson
    Rita Robinson


  • Curtis Wallace
    Curtis Wallace

    Dude my dad banned me from Fortnite for like a year for spending $150

  • Fuzzy puggy!
    Fuzzy puggy!

    Jeez this mom is savage

  • GingerDragon

    You should make your kids work for there money my parents did give me money for birthays and stuff and im going to started getting alounce at my moms when I was maybe 9 but only for speical chores and not monthly just whenever she needed something done that was harder my regular chores likw sweaping dishes ect my dad was just like you lucky to have a roof over your head lol

  • GingerDragon

    If I did that.....Phone sold! Computer SOLD! Books SOLD! Straight TO THE orphanage WITH YOU *yeet*

  • GingerDragon

    Pfft these fricken high schoolers still playing Roblox LMAO

  • Donald Holmes
    Donald Holmes

    I love your videos ssniperwolf and ayden

  • Vexzyz

    i know the kid di that but it was still wrong for the mother to just buy one kid everything i=right in his face to

  • Rohan Lochanram
    Rohan Lochanram

    First of all I'm in South Africa anyway I can't believe people want R100 when I only want 10c why are people so spoiled

  • RobloxAnd Gachalifx
    RobloxAnd Gachalifx


  • Brydon Ang
    Brydon Ang

    Lol I also play Fortnite pls add me as friend

  • Cassidy Illut
    Cassidy Illut

    I love Dhar Mann show


    I know one thing what you said is that rocks are going to be in the ps5 and I think it's in the shower before you start seeing the video so that's why

  • ComiXD

    imagine getting 100bucks a month by doing nothing -_-

  • Wolfe’s Channel of Art
    Wolfe’s Channel of Art

    Is this a Mandela affect or somethin? I swear she did this one BEFORE ik I’m not trippin because I remember and I watched this video when it first came out BOTH. HUH???

  • JuJuKing The master
    JuJuKing The master

    sus baka

  • JuJuKing The master
    JuJuKing The master

    sis baka

  • JuJuKing The master
    JuJuKing The master


  • Shaurya Sinha
    Shaurya Sinha

    kid : what do i get for birthday? sssniperwolf : you get spaghetti and lesson learned

  • 刘毅

    Wow Just want Robux ha haha 😂😂

  • kami_kiddo

    I remember I would be payed 10 dollars every day I helped my Lil sis with homework I had a lot of money but I buyed Christmas gifts for my family so the money's gone :)

  • Roblox_Addison

    Me having the oculus quest 2 a,ready be like 😳😳😳😳

  • Edmond Lu
    Edmond Lu

    The punishment this kid got was so light, honestly my mom would just kick me out of the house if I take anything from her

  • Sprouty

    I’m in the toilet watching this so I’ll have a number 2 waiter.

  • Karmellow Ludlow - Ngawini
    Karmellow Ludlow - Ngawini

    oh nvm

  • Karmellow Ludlow - Ngawini
    Karmellow Ludlow - Ngawini

    wait what?

  • Conor J.
    Conor J.

    That kid is like 16 how does he not have a card I got my first one at eleven

  • Pumpkin spice LPS
    Pumpkin spice LPS

    How did you know it was rocks wow

  • Martika Biggart
    Martika Biggart

    I'm just going to say something about your comment is so good