Karens Who Didn't Know When To Quit
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  • JB RBL Roblox
    JB RBL Roblox

    The first one deserves an f and a SHEESHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Kosabo  Mahlangu
    Kosabo Mahlangu

    She lives there😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Rosalee Romano
    Rosalee Romano

    Is he in a Honda trying to get his McNuggets

  • Qasim Raza
    Qasim Raza

    I can’t wait to confront a karen

  • Stxpidity

    the firework one- "sToOoOoOoOopPpPpPp!!!!!! StOpPpPpP!!!"

  • Christy Dimitrios
    Christy Dimitrios

    The substantial era unlikely remove because snowstorm phylogenetically signal minus a sleepy wall. wealthy, sturdy karate

  • fraya wenn
    fraya wenn

    thanks for making a karen hunting vid on my b-day

  • Manny Lopez
    Manny Lopez


  • Manny Lopez
    Manny Lopez

    Person that’s my phone I’m making a tiktok Vegan teacher I don’t know what that is Me starts laughing

  • Simrat Randhawa
    Simrat Randhawa

    Lia like this comment

  • Saydee Carreon
    Saydee Carreon

    0:36 the the karen's eyes glow like she is possed by a demon......oh wait she IS the demon

  • WolflieAdventures

    I may someday come across a skateboard buster karen

  • Perla


  • Midnight_blood

    Why is like 99% of them blond bruh


    When I was younger my neighbor called the cops because we had fireworks

  • DaFinest ReyRey
    DaFinest ReyRey

    The first is just to good lol “ STOOOP I LIVE HERE”

  • Liv Siglen
    Liv Siglen

    7:15 *talking about white women being a threat* girl… youre white

  • Brooke Lirette
    Brooke Lirette

    Classic word salad from the Karen in the van. Maybe schizo/on meth.


    Hahahahaha Asian dad with baby just obeys the orders of a stranger without question and stands to punish himself for getting an A- that one time in 7th grade!!!! Hahahahaha


    I love how drive through window karen was a mix of a sea org scientology member and a Mormon elder!!!! Hahahahaha

  • Salvy RodriguezYT
    Salvy RodriguezYT

    I would’ve beat the shit out of that Karen if she took my phone

  • Dopiest Sauce
    Dopiest Sauce

    The karen in the first clip I think is making the fire work noise like if u agree

  • Natalya Ferreyra
    Natalya Ferreyra

    Bro she's white too

  • Eliana Yost
    Eliana Yost

    My mom once was punched by a Karen 😂🤣🤣

  • Brandon Seenaught
    Brandon Seenaught

    Fu that non stop talk parking lot Karan

  • Ashley Almeida
    Ashley Almeida

    Lia dropped this yall👑

  • MIkayla Christopher
    MIkayla Christopher

    Guy want to see fireworks on the 4 of July but has to record the Karen

  • I do stuff in Florida
    I do stuff in Florida

    Its not even illegle to take pictures in any state in the USA

  • Ardit Habibi
    Ardit Habibi


  • Tricky The Clown
    Tricky The Clown

    ALMOST AT 30!M

  • Dobs Patto
    Dobs Patto

    Love Sniper Wolf she's amazing xxxx.

  • Masechaba Moneile
    Masechaba Moneile

    The one who can,t shut up

  • Natalya Ferreyra
    Natalya Ferreyra

    Bro it's just fireworks what's the big deal

  • Eleni Kelly
    Eleni Kelly

    There was a Karen that came to my house on the 4th off July because we were doing fireworks and she posted on Facebook what are we celebrating like what

  • Hanako

    5:21 I mean mabye she didn't have a password so what you said doesn't really make sense 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Pooja S
    Pooja S

    The 1st karen will die screaming during Diwali in India 🤣

  • Joseph Phillips
    Joseph Phillips

    Karen: I don’t like white females too close to me Me: you ARE a white female ….. and definitely too close to you

  • John R.
    John R.

    some people don't get enough spankings as a child and they wind up like this

  • Chicken nuggets for dinner
    Chicken nuggets for dinner

    I love Karen hunting

  • beacher porter
    beacher porter


  • mackenzie villa
    mackenzie villa

    On the first one i saw that and read the comments mostly saying maybe she had PTSD cuz a lot of veterans dont like the fireworks because of it (the other half was just saying shes a karen , idk)

  • Friday Fox
    Friday Fox

    The first women could have ptsd to be fair

  • Bridget Clement
    Bridget Clement

    Lea, U should do video about the VS Karen!!! Also the Karen witch on Scooter in Canada

  • Bridget Clement
    Bridget Clement

    3:45 DUMB UBER KAREN!!!! I don't miss that as a Lyft driver!!!

  • Kelly Jacobs
    Kelly Jacobs

    I know this is wrong but I would never do this but for some of them I felt like punching them.

  • phynix

    Also white and black male or female can do the exact same thing so Karen suck

  • teganplayz roblox
    teganplayz roblox

    Firework one clearly has a fear and is scared

  • 😔Micheal.TheBaddie.Jackson💔

    I’m waiting for the day I go public suiting and a Karen’s like: *”YoUr A hUmAn NoT aN aNiMaL”*

  • Fredbear walhare
    Fredbear walhare

    5:41 I thought she was a male for a second

  • My Service Dog Is My Hero
    My Service Dog Is My Hero

    Dude there is so many Karen's in this world that I got free Dunkin donuts. I accidentally cut in the drive thru line because I didn't realize that the line was all the way down the street. So the manager came out and told me I had to go re-cue and I told him I was extremely sorry and didn't realize. After apologizing I went to back of the line and the manager came back asked what I was gonna get I told him and he gave it to me for free plus 2 free donut cards. He said "you could've of handled that way different and been hostile so this is my way of personally thanking you for handling that professionally"

  • wayne chapman
    wayne chapman

    Who LIa ? .. ; )

  • Michelle Velazquez  and Mario Velazquez jr
    Michelle Velazquez and Mario Velazquez jr

    So if a boy is a keren I will call them a kevin

  • 아주 좋은 사람
    아주 좋은 사람

    If i grow up and become a cop and see a karen ill pop their brains out without arresting them

  • Deria Yavora Asenova
    Deria Yavora Asenova

    No hate to anyone who is like this (a karen) but you guys need to chill

  • Deria Yavora Asenova
    Deria Yavora Asenova


  • Deria Yavora Asenova
    Deria Yavora Asenova


  • Ghian Red D. Escudero
    Ghian Red D. Escudero

    OH MY GOD! Karen's makes me angwy

  • Kahlan No last name srryyy
    Kahlan No last name srryyy

    That first one really shoulda been in dragon ball Z "stAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP"

  • SouthSideCove

    I HATE KAREN'S they are soooooooooooooo rude

  • Jacob Craft
    Jacob Craft

    3:07 she looks like my elementary school principle.

  • Troy Petersen
    Troy Petersen

    She's saying white women have a hard time backing off when she's white

  • Troy Petersen
    Troy Petersen

    I've been in my community all my life that one Karen that was mad at them for parking next to their car she's a horrible person

  • Isabella Mathew
    Isabella Mathew

    Karen: You are not respecting my personal space. This is all you know how to do. Me: Well I know how to SHUT UP as well…

  • Jacob Hawk
    Jacob Hawk


  • Anna and Harper
    Anna and Harper


  • Im not shail Yes ur
    Im not shail Yes ur

    If i was u ill break my pc

  • Maria Brumar
    Maria Brumar

    I don't know what it is but my family will ALWAYS arrive 2 hours early for a flight so they don't miss it, probably everyone does that but I just wanted to say it's a strange habit because we have to wait for so long until the check-in is open

  • Mohamed Jemsheed Jezail Marikkar
    Mohamed Jemsheed Jezail Marikkar

    00:14 she the inkarenable hulk

  • Elephant Girlie's!
    Elephant Girlie's!

    Okay so I was on my horse with my friend on her horse going for a hack and we went to a place where horses gallop. This Karen really gon' say to us. Go put the ground back.

  • Loser

    road to 30 mill

  • Scarlett Bower
    Scarlett Bower

    Ahh Karen’s🤷🏻‍♂️ there wered

  • Rayne Coleman
    Rayne Coleman

    Karen hunting is the best

  • Izzy The Cockapoo
    Izzy The Cockapoo

    Buying fireworks 🎆 are illegal in Ireland I think

  • Misteryio

    The first Karen almost become a super saiyan :)))

  • Headless Alien
    Headless Alien

    I want to see a video of someone getting screamed at by the minecraft skeleton lady named that vegan teacher

  • ツJustie90✨

    I loves firework but I hate karens

  • Genesis Castillo
    Genesis Castillo

    I watched all of the keren hunting

  • Sealboi isbell
    Sealboi isbell

    Let’s get sniper to 30 Million Subs guys!

  • Robert Platt
    Robert Platt

    I think the rise of Karens is explained by over-prescription of Ambein and Luneste and other things.



  • Zac sucks at YouTube
    Zac sucks at YouTube

    2:50 banshee is a natural hunter in phasmasobia and a Karen chooses a fight with anyone so I se ethos as a fact

  • AJ Wojo
    AJ Wojo

    Honestly for the first lady with the fireworks i get it because, for some people fireworks like really scare them, and hurt their ears. My best friends can't be around fireworks because they literally hurt her ears so bad she cries, and she looses hearing for an hour or so.

  • Rasha A
    Rasha A


  • sierra hagglund
    sierra hagglund

    i love when karen’s says “why u recording me” cuz i want the whole internet knowing you’re acting like a 3 year old and that you’re embarrassing your self and it’s funny

  • usha Kanojia
    usha Kanojia

    Rip ears from the 1st karen

  • Doodleluck

    It's sad that I now recognize one of those Karen's from so many DIFFERENT videos

  • Katrina Watters
    Katrina Watters

    Capital k capital a she was a bad cheerleader back in the day and you should do Q&A

  • Mahmoud Taleb
    Mahmoud Taleb

    if a karen speak to me mean way ima just punch her

  • Jamica Battle
    Jamica Battle

    omg Karens the days

  • Sandra Aging
    Sandra Aging

    THE WOMAN: YOU NEED TO STOP NOW!!! Me: you need sut up

  • TW01F3

    though it is kinda rude to just keep going when people are trying to sleep she did not need to react like that.

  • Melody Grimes
    Melody Grimes

    Lol I love her she is so funny🤣😝😜😝🤣

  • Jilin Smith
    Jilin Smith

    The first one just killed me XD

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox

    Hola amigo I can also speak English help friend

  • DragonStar iloveanimals408
    DragonStar iloveanimals408

    The first Karen is just my baby sister when we sing her happy birthday

  • Bonnie Furney
    Bonnie Furney

    At 0:13 i would've shot a firework at the rude Karen