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  • the null legend
    the null legend

    This nugget is sussy

    • the null legend
      the null legend


  • Julia Kriebel
    Julia Kriebel

    Wait cucumbers grow on bushes

  • Z Sahadat
    Z Sahadat

    Flys always bite

  • Sierra Weeks
    Sierra Weeks

    Omg Lia I’m Such a big fan I’ve been. Since I was two

  • Lemonade Outfit
    Lemonade Outfit

    When you say what is the paper made of it says stone lia.

  • Kotaro :D
    Kotaro :D

    I actually have 2 of those rice despensers-

  • always loveyouself
    always loveyouself

    Im a girl i wipe in the front

  • EveyGamer

    Sniper: dont let the criminals see this! Me: ... i dont think alot of criminals have tiktok

  • geoff thorpe
    geoff thorpe

    Ssnipwolf. 8.30am awik at night to say 8 clicks left

  • Josia Simorangkir
    Josia Simorangkir

    The pillow is called the egg sitter

  • S̺͆u̺͆n̺͆n̺͆y̺͆b̺͆o̺͆b̺͆a̺͆𓆉

    She makes me smile everyday ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  • ❤bobarobloxqueen❤

    Well cars can fly today they are working super hard

  • •bobà tea•
    •bobà tea•

    "You should stop chewing ur charger" *takes charger out mouth*I never do that *puts back in mouth*

  • AsherisnotmynameYT

    ‘I’m so confused what is it made out of!?’ The text on the TikTok: ‘Our notebooks are made from stone not wood’

    • Bellatrix Gallo
      Bellatrix Gallo

      I think she was wondering what kind of stone of how you make flexible stone

  • NotEpiic

    1:18 "the bubble juice"

  • Feathersofgold

    5:25 This necklace is literally solangelo though

  • Blah Maisha
    Blah Maisha

    Lia you make satisfying things I love it !!!!!!

  • Sakeena Adam
    Sakeena Adam

    I wipe from the front by the way don't tell anyone plz🤫😇😇

  • Mikayla Underwood
    Mikayla Underwood


  • Ali Wake
    Ali Wake

    0:46 Excuse me what did you just say? “What is that paper made of?” It literally just said “It’s made out of stone instead of wood.”

  • Cosmo playz
    Cosmo playz

    I wipe from the back and I am a boy

  • Travis Bradford
    Travis Bradford


  • George Hoyt
    George Hoyt

    NO don’t buy those fly traps they just attract all the fly to it so there will be more than previously so just put it in your neighbors yard instead

  • Aimee Cook
    Aimee Cook

    The note book is made of stone

  • Kids Kings
    Kids Kings

    You are cerrect

  • Amaani Anisah
    Amaani Anisah

    1:04 Lia:“water pressure do be looking kinda weak tho” Me:howwwwwww???

  • Maisie Paterson
    Maisie Paterson

    Both you person of hyoumanaty😏

  • Amalia Padilla
    Amalia Padilla


  • Me Trial
    Me Trial

    ~*i love to wash the dishes*~

  • H_arry10

    Did you know the bubbles looked so magical because as the light is shining the light waves are on the rainbow spectrum? as bubbles arent a solid colour it turns into the R O Y G B I V spectrum of light

  • Wuwu DGreat
    Wuwu DGreat

    the awsome one was the blender !

  • Lainie andrews
    Lainie andrews

    Poo 💩

  • Kolo show
    Kolo show

    You are correct

  • محمد مستري
    محمد مستري

    Hey sssniperwolf there is a dispenser that you can buy

  • Amy Hall
    Amy Hall

    stop hatrs

  • Mario gamer
    Mario gamer

    Amen spread the gospel

  • Rosa

    Sniper wolf that’s a little bit I know thank he was a blender but it’s like a face masks Machine

  • GasMaskMadsk

    Pablo why do you love to make beluga mad and sad

  • Art

    We have a way better dog feeder it automatically when it’s getting empty it dispenses

  • Leila Cooper
    Leila Cooper

    at my house we have a cereal dispenser

  • Dv D
    Dv D

    I eat rice everyday I love it

  • Doge Guy
    Doge Guy

    Ur the guy from belugas videos

  • briisme

    Wireless charger? Let me add that it has to charge. Wireless charger that has to charge. 🤔😶

  • Rachel Cocke
    Rachel Cocke

    3:56. *the girl that cut the l.e.d light from a old vid


    0:44 - They said it was made out of stone.

  • Raven Mochi
    Raven Mochi

    What I've been told is that if you start wiping from the back you may get an infection in your frot area if ur a girl.

  • Tommy Wood
    Tommy Wood

    R.I.P Eye 2021-2021

  • Tommy Wood
    Tommy Wood

    Sniper wolf the notebook is made out of stone

  • Duh 171
    Duh 171

    The paper is made of 🪨 rocks

  • Skeasy

    You first wipe from the front-back then back-front

  • GrAmMaRlY

    if u go from back to front u will infect ur ya'know

  • Kirana Goodson
    Kirana Goodson

    I need the first one because I can poor my drink but some time I make a mess


    cucombers grow in bushes not trees ;-;

  • creator Martinez
    creator Martinez

    Imagine having a machine to refeal the pet bowl without having one😀

    • creator Martinez
      creator Martinez

      But I have a pet doge

  • Moon Asuma
    Moon Asuma

    Deku needs this indestructible notebook.

  • Tara Nguyen
    Tara Nguyen


  • PizzaPlayerPlays

    0:17 Thats exactly what my fridge does

  • Hector Andrade
    Hector Andrade

    Ay Janet saqwf

  • kitzila kittys
    kitzila kittys

    Omg whaaaa all this stuff is so cool I really need the instant pet food

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza

    Male and female Wp from the front

  • Shannon Williams
    Shannon Williams

    cucumbers don't grow on trees

  • BobTheBanana


  • Sameer Kanaskar
    Sameer Kanaskar

    I seen the last one and the 3 or 4

  • Timothy Searcy
    Timothy Searcy

    What if braslet falls off

  • Celeste Willows
    Celeste Willows

    Lol can we all just apreciate how Lia takes time out of her day to make wonderful vids for us? Ps: i had one of those automatic bubble blowers thats winnie the pooh in a bee suit since i was three XD

    • B

      Lmfao she's literally making millions of dollars doing bare minimum. I love her, but she's not taking time out of her day for you. Lol

  • KingEli

    SSSniperwolf your amazing

  • HaydenGamerTV

    the note pad is made of stone I watched the Orig vid it says it's made of stone

  • ꧁𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕤𝕪𝕃𝕒𝕟𝕕꧂

    "Water formation" -Lia 2021

  • Taryn Sauve
    Taryn Sauve

    i wipe from the front

  • Drew Bear25
    Drew Bear25

    You are correct

  • PrissyAlayna

    The paper from the note book is made from stone

  • Ruby Gg
    Ruby Gg

    Sniperwolf: you Sould stop chewing your charges Me when I had my other charger: bites* Me a month later: so that’s why

    • Ruby Gg
      Ruby Gg

      Sorry I meant charger

  • Malea Soriano
    Malea Soriano

    No guys and Girls wipe fron the back

  • Scott Packer
    Scott Packer

    Wait cucumbers grow from trees 😃

  • Aaron Kruse
    Aaron Kruse


  • Aaron Kruse
    Aaron Kruse


  • Memuna Salma
    Memuna Salma

    This is the first time I've ever watching this video messages cooking little for me I'm good in shoes my hand on maximum speed or the first second max speed like god rap

  • Memuna Salma
    Memuna Salma

    I hate you in toilet paper to clean my butt hydrated water instead that the Pakistan way to clean your butt

  • Madelein Stene
    Madelein Stene

    I love this vedio

  • R1ftyPlayz

    the paper was made from stone

  • Chloe Johnson-Hatten
    Chloe Johnson-Hatten

  • Mia Nightlight
    Mia Nightlight

    Pet food dispenser How about a pet food dispenser that’s your pets can press a button and the food will come out for them

  • Crissy Joie Daquiz
    Crissy Joie Daquiz


  • Kaetlyn Cripps
    Kaetlyn Cripps

    I got hit in the back of the head with a 10 lbs pillow before,, almost half my tooth broke off.. and I busted me lip. 0/5 stars. Do not recommend

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar

    the front

  • MHA Cult
    MHA Cult

    Pinkie pie be using that bubble gun 3,000

  • Anyeny Gil
    Anyeny Gil

    I’m a boy and wipe from the front

  • Selma Ave
    Selma Ave

    Girl I wipe from the side

  • Liz Diaz
    Liz Diaz

    the editing is kinda off

  • Nancy Brannon
    Nancy Brannon


  • Marisol Meija
    Marisol Meija


  • Ann Allen
    Ann Allen

    Boys wipe from the front too.

  • Cappin' Justice
    Cappin' Justice

    water down water? hmm? GOOD IDEA!

  • Lechi Sanders
    Lechi Sanders

    Incorrect girls white from the back and boys I think but yes the girls part is true

  • destroyerplays

    I still do eat rice with my food everyday

  • Jos Ballesteros
    Jos Ballesteros

    I have the cat one bff Niclas

  • Nesreen Gege
    Nesreen Gege


  • Moody_frog

    Where do I get that cat chargerrrrr

  • Emily Baluk
    Emily Baluk

    The water proff paper is made of rocks i have some

  • Hydro Dale
    Hydro Dale

    omg i wont all of that