Creepy Tik Toks You Should NOT Watch At Night
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  • Andrea Cruz
    Andrea Cruz


  • Andrea Cruz
    Andrea Cruz


  • Andrea Cruz
    Andrea Cruz


  • Hatice Ceran
    Hatice Ceran

    1:42 i just think that was the Sisters like that

  • Tiger_does_Gacha

    Notice how there all by the same person most of the time

  • Kara-rose blackburn
    Kara-rose blackburn

    I f pants

  • Iyannah Maarts
    Iyannah Maarts

    I have a basement door and the staircase turns at the end

  • yellows kina sus tbh
    yellows kina sus tbh

    Who else likes scaring them self then regret it at night 😅

  • Noah Frais
    Noah Frais

    i love your videos]

  • John Abrego
    John Abrego

    Hi again I want yesterday

  • amymeyering

    wanna see a cool trick . . . hi 2:57

  • ꧁𝖏𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊꧂

    Who knows how to rap i do

  • Seth Turner
    Seth Turner

    New year's adore In the corner

  • fat george pig
    fat george pig

    At 5:39 did nobody notice the black thing that looks like a foot behind the plant-

    • fat george pig
      fat george pig

      lia didn’t even notice it to-

  • Keigh Dee Zafrine Villanueva
    Keigh Dee Zafrine Villanueva

    I already saw that tiktoks lol

  • Juliet Martin
    Juliet Martin

    I swear I saw a clown move

  • Daph Hyndman
    Daph Hyndman

    That’s gave me a fright


    It’s 8:18 AM

  • MQWorld


  • Dadeer girl
    Dadeer girl

    Aahh late yup But at 3:28 you shouldve continued😂

  • Kully Virdee
    Kully Virdee


  • Nousheen Khan
    Nousheen Khan


  • Cynthia

    2:29 Scp 096 has been reported at (REDACTED) IT HAS MULTIPLIED

  • Laurie worthington
    Laurie worthington

    SSSniper wolf I just want to say thank you for keeping me company that vid is too creepy😨and the part that demon got too close I was like Oh hell no so thank you again

  • Hannah Kearney
    Hannah Kearney

    I think the person dying in his house was the spookiest

  • ●Funny¥diver L
    ●Funny¥diver L

    Hahaha 🤣

  • parbati budhathoki
    parbati budhathoki

    He. is. Move ing

  • Dominique Bain
    Dominique Bain

    I remember i was walking from work i swear i saw 2 clowns and not only two clowns there was a dead person there!!!!!!

  • hello

    me: looking through comments to not become scared

  • Izzy Band
    Izzy Band

    So basically me and my sister had a furby and basically it ran out of battery so we took it out Needless to say it still worked and when I asked for the furbys father the voice changed and wouldn't change back

    • Izzy Band
      Izzy Band

      And now it's in a landfill

  • Mia Vreydal
    Mia Vreydal

    The one that got deded by thing thats bopping his head in vending machine: he just needs a penny so he can snackle.

  • Katie Bish
    Katie Bish

    She is a runner she a trake star get hit by a trike u don’t get far 😂

  • Zoe Roxas
    Zoe Roxas


  • Nicole Bechyne
    Nicole Bechyne

    The god

  • Natalia Sierra
    Natalia Sierra

    My sleep paralysis demon: OOOoOH yoU NAghTY

  • Jana Bareike
    Jana Bareike

    Well that guy need more clean glas

  • W!lb33 ! 🎃🕸
    W!lb33 ! 🎃🕸

    *"Lets see how far it goes!"* _pushes it_ *AAEEEEEEEAAAAAGAAASASSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*

  • W!lb33 ! 🎃🕸
    W!lb33 ! 🎃🕸

    Watching this at 3 54 am, Im having -fun-

  • ruben espina
    ruben espina

    Nakakatakot naman

  • Umair Khattak
    Umair Khattak

    I love staying home alone bec i can take over tge house in daytime not at night

  • mamasitamelinda

    Oh my


    the title: DO NOT WATCH AT NIGHT me: Watches it at night

  • jhwhy616


  • Eliza Norris
    Eliza Norris


  • Awesomest Beth
    Awesomest Beth

    My basement is a guitar studio with party lights

  • 〈 Candace 〉
    〈 Candace 〉

    Me watches at night: Me after: *LAUGHS*

  • Dinoflour

    I has da heebijeebis

  • lily

    If you are any where haunted get out of there

  • Dinoflour

    I’m ded it’s night

  • caitlin wiese
    caitlin wiese

    Watch your own videos clown dude

  • Erica Louise
    Erica Louise


  • pastel bin
    pastel bin

    It’s night rn where I live lolz

  • Unstoppable Flamingo
    Unstoppable Flamingo

    Me watching this at night-

    • Unstoppable Flamingo
      Unstoppable Flamingo

      I’M SORRY!

    • Unstoppable Flamingo
      Unstoppable Flamingo

      Also I quit this video beacuse it was to scary for me-

  • dreamsmplover

    When your in the car watching at night:💀💀🏃‍♀️👁️👁️👄

  • Mudsir Attal
    Mudsir Attal

    With the no battery one my sis she is 2 she loves dolls and she was going to buy the battery doll without with no battery yea

  • fortnite kid 99
    fortnite kid 99

    It's night. 😨😨😨

  • Avelin Ramsey
    Avelin Ramsey

    2:49 thats what i be doing when my parents wont let me have snacks 🤣

  • Jayden Burgess
    Jayden Burgess

    Is cold a frilled shark

    • Jayden Burgess
      Jayden Burgess

      And its a deep see shark

  • Stacy Zierdt
    Stacy Zierdt

    Hi hi hi

  • Princess Saabina Silverio
    Princess Saabina Silverio

    that umberela si creepy i scarem that umberela

  • Sabrina Fletcher
    Sabrina Fletcher

    I watched it this at dinner time

  • Briana Heck
    Briana Heck

    I'm scared

  • Ian Solnitzky
    Ian Solnitzky

    About the statue of Jason from Friday the 13th now I’m terrified because it’s in Minnesota and I live Minnesota

  • Griselda Ferreira
    Griselda Ferreira

    I pinky swear do you I saw that too

  • Richie Bantoto
    Richie Bantoto

    hes mooving

  • EmoneyTV

    Bruh on the abandoned hospital did no one see the clown

  • MClaire Rising
    MClaire Rising

    6:00 that's a dementor

  • Gacha bts
    Gacha bts

    it's 6:15PM for me does that still qualify as night

  • Mimissmaia gaming and more!
    Mimissmaia gaming and more!

    SS sniper wolf: OML Me: interesting.

  • Rainbow Power
    Rainbow Power

    Ya I’m upstairs at night : Me: not looking down stairs

  • Mariela Joselyn
    Mariela Joselyn

    Im watching this at night bro lemme just lock my windows and doors

  • Sue Young
    Sue Young


  • Soundster

    Oh my gosh, my phone screen went black for a second in the middle of watching this and.. mm 💀

  • The Queen king princess family Whitaker
    The Queen king princess family Whitaker

    Right foot up I will kick you

  • The Queen king princess family Whitaker
    The Queen king princess family Whitaker

    No is like she’s a runner she’s a track star

  • nevaeh

    Bruh for the moving crowns Their head just move

  • Daflowergirl

    What you watch in the morning?!!???!!!

  • Anelia Mande
    Anelia Mande

    The first one I swear I saw it move then when she replayed it did not

  • wstryker94

    No I hate clowns

  • Berrys vids
    Berrys vids

    You scared me to death

  • Lydia Elswick
    Lydia Elswick

    Weight there was actually a hand that I saw it was trying to hide end it pushed the plant over scaring the man you are actually wrong

  • Gman evans
    Gman evans

    5:50 THE DUDE IS BOUNCING ON THE FLOOR you would think um he did?

  • Amy Mcknight
    Amy Mcknight

    OMG it's night right now and I am seeing things 🤡🕷️🕸️😱🌑

  • elle tubb
    elle tubb

    Wans i had a drem abowt a crepey doll

  • Camilla Jensen
    Camilla Jensen


  • Ashley Almeida
    Ashley Almeida

    Man: my clowns are not real!” Clown: and I took that personally**moves head**

  • シシLemony

    The kid and the castle when she was explaining about the kid and the castle my phone glitched out💀

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    i saw something in the door way watch it Again and you will see a tiny arm and it Disappears

  • Ty-Ty Thomas
    Ty-Ty Thomas

    She running she a track star you get hit by a truck you don't get far that was nice

  • bayside mitsu
    bayside mitsu

    i swaer the clown moved its head!!!!!!!

  • Mighty E
    Mighty E


  • Uaraka

    This is not scary👹this is funny😂

  • Uaraka

    This is not scary

  • ⚡️Pikachu⚡️

    My little cousin loves Elmo but if she watches this is feel bad for her 💀🖐

  • levi Ferguson
    levi Ferguson

    the clown that moved it was hofily a purson in a costume to prank

  • jim houghton
    jim houghton

    My sis: Hey sis look i sh** myself me: pretending to look then see the clown head move my sister sh**s her self again

  • Jimbobios


  • Mario castaneda
    Mario castaneda

    That scared the c r a p out of me

  • Lily A
    Lily A

    Lucky me it's daytime!🖤🧡💜

  • Misty L
    Misty L

    Me and my 7-year-old brother who are terrified of clowns: ohhhhhhhh goddddd that clown moved begin demonnnnnnnnnnn

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