Creative People And Art On Another Level
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  • Vanaja Suresh
    Vanaja Suresh

    Hi love u i am lily i am six you r the best!!:-D

  • •Rxnb0o F=n•
    •Rxnb0o F=n•

    MR is my initials so I was confused half way through the vid XD

  • Jeff McNutt
    Jeff McNutt

    I can’t believe that many people can do that that’s amazing

  • ✨mikan the ultimate nurse✨
    ✨mikan the ultimate nurse✨

    Me: makes the same video My head: wait why I’m i here if it is for creative people Me: :0

  • •𝗷𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗸𝗼𝗼𝗸𝗶𝗲•

    Sssniperwolf is the RSloftr everyone wants to watch💗✌️😌

  • camren foster
    camren foster

    Tay is faking money it's kinda funny🤪🤣😹

  • B Man
    B Man

    This was thus far my fav video of hers that i have watched, love all if it.very cool. smiles.laughs.achieved💕

  • Charlise wiegand
    Charlise wiegand

    It’s not a sssniperwolf vid what out wam bam something something maam

  • Gracelyn Gubin
    Gracelyn Gubin

    how meny of the same thng r you going to do?

  • oscar879812

    is cool

  • felix amedu ❤
    felix amedu ❤

    I love you

  • AJ Cline
    AJ Cline


  • Katlyn Myatt
    Katlyn Myatt

    I have been watching you for3 years I love you

  • Malachi Harris
    Malachi Harris

    5 year subscriber

  • Julie

    Spider man reaction when he saw the last cilp🤦🤦

  • Juliana Scopel
    Juliana Scopel

    I've done the duck video on tick tok

  • Hyebrie__bloomgameingz1234

    0:35 sssniper wolf:woah Dora about to get dress code over where does she think she’s going showing all the shoulders Me:BAHAHAHA she’s beutiful

  • Zaphira Angela G. Briagas
    Zaphira Angela G. Briagas


  • No face man
    No face man

    0:05 Nickadoavacodo is that you

  • MI Rudderham
    MI Rudderham

    Seriously I went to my elementary school when it was closed and I meant this girl and I told her my name Dolores and she’s like Dora and I got so mad since you called me that

  • k kay
    k kay

    I haven’t tried soap...but handsanditiser...I know I spelled it wrong.

  • Trickster

    Is it just me or do I just keep rewatching all of her videos lol 😆

  • Timothy Searcy
    Timothy Searcy

    She could be able to say mama

  • Timothy Searcy
    Timothy Searcy

    That’s how long her/his patients last so there patients last oh most a an tire picture

  • Stacey Rangel
    Stacey Rangel


  • Lauren Botman
    Lauren Botman

    Hey SSSniperwolf can I get a dog

  • Emilie Raoult
    Emilie Raoult

    Sniper wolf is so funny I love her Channel

  • Judy Ann Reyes
    Judy Ann Reyes


  • Alvaro Padilla
    Alvaro Padilla

    Panny man

  • Eduardo Andrade
    Eduardo Andrade

    Sss is cool 😎and me too

  • Corey Mosley
    Corey Mosley

    i like the drawing it is mind blowing

  • NØTĒ 72
    NØTĒ 72

    The intro "hey guys its me!" Never gets old 🌸

  • xXDesaraplayzXx

    Slice + nice = RhYmE

  • Niharika Joshi
    Niharika Joshi


  • lyster miguel quizon
    lyster miguel quizon

    dora is pretty just in the wrong show

  • Kevin Joel
    Kevin Joel



    lol that water drop is superrr easy

  • Deb krecklow
    Deb krecklow

    Who said cream I want cream

  • ♡NotAlissa♡

    No It's not Dora if she doesn't have her melon head 😎

  • Nezuko chaaannnnn
    Nezuko chaaannnnn

    The top one has a back outline Around it

  • •June blooms tea •🍵🫖
    •June blooms tea •🍵🫖

    I dare the Dora one

  • мαηցℓє єχє σƒƒιɕιαℓ
    мαηցℓє єχє σƒƒιɕιαℓ

    Soap tastes like butter

  • The pure
    The pure

    My auntie is named Dora

  • Jan Rowe
    Jan Rowe

    Hi your my fav RSloftr

  • Kananelo Makhoali
    Kananelo Makhoali

    I loved the sand which on the arm

  • Morgan Rodriguez
    Morgan Rodriguez

    7:48 yes, my dad has the 13 pro max and the camera is amazing

  • Wisdom


  • puppyhasmilk

    "You know you're too close when the paper looks hairy." I'm wheezing.

  • nayomi 8
    nayomi 8

    I saw the real eyes i promiseee

  • shawnee hurley
    shawnee hurley

    Hangnails are humans versions of loose threats..

  • Amani Williams
    Amani Williams

    Sssniperworlf acting bisexual * Me: oh Btw I don’t know what she is ima say she is stairght :)

  • Ousman Oussman
    Ousman Oussman

    My head hurts...

  • ILikeDragns

    When she says iPhone users are literally shaking my phone literally glitching 😅😅

  • Goat simulator.
    Goat simulator.

    H i

  • Kimi Huggins
    Kimi Huggins

    🙃why is it nice🙃

  • lauren davies
    lauren davies

    Cool 😎

  • Emma Watt
    Emma Watt

    The water drop things you gotta look at the ones that wiggle and dont

  • Zunaira’s place
    Zunaira’s place


  • Hr Rita
    Hr Rita

    No one's gona ask where that just some guy with out a mustache is?

  • DaWoof Michigan
    DaWoof Michigan

    When She Do Da Nae Nae But Can't Do Da Hey Hey

  • Jasmine Sparkes
    Jasmine Sparkes

    Scientists need to stop paying millions of dollars for microscopes! Just use your iPhone 20 😂

  • Nathangamz

    I broke my tou

  • Rory Lumen
    Rory Lumen

    Not me who double tapped the video thinking it was on TikTok. Lol 😂

  • Harper's Adventures
    Harper's Adventures

    I love the video where they just make this emoji 🥵

  • Gianna Mckeown
    Gianna Mckeown

    The watch

  • April Ngu War
    April Ngu War

    2:45 yeahh

  • I like trains kid
    I like trains kid

    *gimme those emojis*

  • I like trains kid
    I like trains kid

    My dad saw the slide blob *laughs intensely*

  • iris _uwu
    iris _uwu

    This quality is also insane, android users are shaking 😭😨 I am Apple user but this line was funny 😭

  • akiesha Richards
    akiesha Richards

    You ssssscarde

  • Katie Harrison
    Katie Harrison


  • Luna Buna
    Luna Buna

    I loved the drawing in this video.❤️

  • lol

    You’re the best RSloftr

  • lol

    Hi your videos is of the best

  • Hellen Bonilla
    Hellen Bonilla


  • Mildre Garcia
    Mildre Garcia

    🤭🤭😛🤩🤥You’re not

  • Nova brasuel Brasuel
    Nova brasuel Brasuel


  • Karina Dahl-olsen
    Karina Dahl-olsen

    3:15 i am litrely crying WHY WHY WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DO THAT TO ME

  • 2020 lover
    2020 lover


  • Christopher Calhoun
    Christopher Calhoun

    I have TickTock and I look at it and that picture looks just like it

  • Matilda Paylor
    Matilda Paylor

    I'm hungry ! *Draws a sandwich 🥪 thinking it's edible * eats yum paint.

  • Matilda Paylor
    Matilda Paylor

    Ok I'm Going to melt into a donut 🍩 slide old gum on that dounut

    • Matilda Paylor
      Matilda Paylor

      Mr? Mr who??????????? Meow

  • TacoImagination

    Lol I found her eyes!

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    Me when I see animeed Dora warning Im a girl ;😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😳😳😳😳

  • kacper klimczak
    kacper klimczak

    wa the

  • Nathan_Edits

    Therapist: Anime Dora isn't real, she can't hurt you Anime Dora: 0:28

  • Reyhani. Mahdi86
    Reyhani. Mahdi86


  • BEyond Play
    BEyond Play

    👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍,and the new year to get my name

  • Galaxy _ Rocks
    Galaxy _ Rocks

    Have a nice day rember never give up 😍

  • kevdoop


  • :3JullyUwU

    I nearly died from eating soap today I am in the hospital ;-;

  • RJB Marine Sports
    RJB Marine Sports

    Hey I Know His RSloft Channel That He Paints People On Trains

  • The_cone_thing

    i hate this video because it shows that i am bat at art

  • mika rocke
    mika rocke

    The wry archer universally learn because white ideally spot aboard a shaky wasp. amusing, past shrimp

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven is likened to a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

  • Smile4mypride

    I can tell she is loud in bed.

  • n0tyiido_

    Is it just me or did she forget her intro

  • Sha Hu
    Sha Hu

    I like that

  • yoted

    When they were testing the camera quality at the end of the video I could see that the person was wearing contacts.

  • Judith Gillham
    Judith Gillham

    The pen and made the Rainbow that's actually chameleon pens they're really cool