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  • Dichital play boy
    Dichital play boy

    Sssniperwolf can you please react to my story animation miting Sssniperwolf

  • mrblueface99 the god jesus
    mrblueface99 the god jesus

    Life sucks just kiding is the song for the dog

  • Ashley Penick
    Ashley Penick

    a loaf of puss... E

  • Georgina Nunez
    Georgina Nunez

    i noticed the moon walking bear but it does not look like it is moon walking



  • Princess Di
    Princess Di

    I don't like the car one

  • Smyrkgirl

    I have six siblings and I can relate

  • kking532

    im not vegen I like meat

  • Edit master
    Edit master

    Edit master

  • Welter Kids
    Welter Kids

    SSSniperwolf* is that a star bucks cake pop? me* at the same time* is that a star bucks cake pop?

  • Harry Beattie
    Harry Beattie

    Do more of these videos please @little lia

  • -Lollyloola123-

    Completely off topic but you are so close to 30 million

  • Heather Alt
    Heather Alt

    What about a doll house nail

  • Kimberly Escobar
    Kimberly Escobar

    Live. IN. My. Sere

  • Amber Palmer Ortner
    Amber Palmer Ortner


  • Lisa McNelly
    Lisa McNelly

    He Ate In That 25 Year Span Was 37,500

    • Lisa McNelly
      Lisa McNelly

      37,500 burgers in 25 years

  • Eesha Naqvi
    Eesha Naqvi

    Idk if this is cool or not but i sound like Jimin from BTS when Im conjested.

  • spy kids
    spy kids

    Why do you always stop the video I love you video

  • Sanjay Badal
    Sanjay Badal

    Congrats to everyone who found this commet

  • LordDonor

    THANK YOU FOR WHOLESOME TIKTOKS Had to put down my dog today, he's been with me since I was born. I need some wholesomeness right now.

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    2:22 What if you pick up the puppys while you walk You get: A safe walkway and puppys

  • Liz Edmund
    Liz Edmund

    The dog be painting better than me 😂😂 Lia you just made everybody 's day better.👏

  • Taiba Hisbani
    Taiba Hisbani

    Black look more beautiful on you

  • massiel perez
    massiel perez

    SSSnierWolf can you say hi to me I'm a big fan

  • Joseph Dowd
    Joseph Dowd

    I’m a diaper lover to

  • Fuzzy

    I said my name fuzzy

  • Joy Knight
    Joy Knight

    It’s so good

  • Gaming With Kj
    Gaming With Kj

    She mad but she eat plants and some animals eat plants so when they have nothing to eat they die

  • Michaelayt

    Tiktok at its best

  • Georgina Nunez
    Georgina Nunez

    I THINK the thing of the colorful blocks are because of shadow ant the checker board to

  • Thatannoyingweeb

    Lia: FAMILY FRIENDLY VIDEO! Also lia: looks like she spreading them cheekss

  • Albana Agani
    Albana Agani

    my god

  • Ahay Jackson 💗
    Ahay Jackson 💗

    The teacher is just mean But how do you get to specI want you to be kind but being mean to people you’re gonna treat you how they gonna treat them so that was the vegan teacher I’ll just leave them alone it’s good isn’t it’s good to be Vegan it’s OK it’s good

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia

    my cousin is a mad morning person

  • •XXKevin the DevilXx•
    •XXKevin the DevilXx•

    Teacher: You look terrible :/ Me: *burst down door* IM NEW STUDENT AND LEMME TO TELL U SOMETHING Teacher: Hurry Me: You spend 20$ dollars on a wig

  • Jenna 2099
    Jenna 2099

    What is a chocolate pasty

  • Kimberly Escobar
    Kimberly Escobar

    Sinperwof. do. You

  • Hïkö😩👏


  • Cristina Morales
    Cristina Morales

    The homeless guy giving away his dog.. that was like 8 or 9 years ago. She says it was cause he was traveling for 2 months and couldn't take the dog with him

  • Melissa A Rose
    Melissa A Rose

    Lol good

  • Albana Agani
    Albana Agani

    cous when your screeming like this AYRHDYDVDJSVDH you freaked me out

  • Kenzie Littrell
    Kenzie Littrell

    When I watched this I had the same hair style

  • Kimberly Escobar
    Kimberly Escobar


  • PastelMidnight_Gacha

    There are so many bots. Btw Lia I love ur vids.

  • Katya Mendoza
    Katya Mendoza

    Vegan techer is a keran!!!😅😎

  • TeddyBear101

    Pancake in a rice cooker is called “rice cake “

  • NeroToxic

    @SSSniperWolf hey lia i showed my mom that huge corgi and she thought you were her

  • Mm2WithAuditor


  • Leena the1
    Leena the1

    Lol of your palm itches it means you're about to get some money it's a southern US thing....

  • Vanessa Holbrow
    Vanessa Holbrow

    Sssniperwolf we have usless draw Me put vegan Karen IN THE USLESS DRAW BECAUSE SHE IS USLESS

  • Ryan Mcdowall
    Ryan Mcdowall

    If the vegan teacher eats leefs she's doing more harm to the planet than eating meet

  • Stephanie Sanders
    Stephanie Sanders


  • Dancer

    -“Congrats do everyone who is late and found this comment”-

  • Kalia Gallo
    Kalia Gallo

    That’s not cocomelon that’s hear Bear sensory 😂

  • The Queen king princess family Whitaker
    The Queen king princess family Whitaker

    Right foot up I will kick you

  • Menchie Mayordomo
    Menchie Mayordomo

    its the meow😮 for me

  • Maria Buentello
    Maria Buentello

    Sniper wolf I love you

  • Patch draws
    Patch draws

    My dog would be to scared of the birb

  • NeroToxic

    7:45 my cat just growls intensely and starts convulsing and gyrating

  • Maya Erpelding
    Maya Erpelding

    My favorite messy haired youtuber indeed

  • scienvlog

    they are intentionally trying to make us mad by switching it

  • Space Mango
    Space Mango

    why are there robux scammers in the comments tf

  • The Queen king princess family Whitaker
    The Queen king princess family Whitaker

    No is like she’s a runner she’s a track star

  • Tristan Thurman
    Tristan Thurman

    I could read the super fast text. I also watched in 2x speed.

  • plush ny
    plush ny

    It sounds like you think dogs are some retards, I know you don't think that but that is what it sounds like to me